Today, we went sailing. Around our mooring ball. Jessie and I somehow figured out how to put our headsail on our brand new roller furling. For a second the sail filled with air and we sailed in circles around our buoy. Between our first docking experience, and “sailing” in circles, we couldn’t be more excited!

Another highlight today was finally painting! Everything from the v-berth to the cabin top inside our new home.

LOOOOOK!!!!! This is the bed we plan to share?

Reggie is such a hard worker.

Moon boots.

3 thoughts on “WE’RE SAILING

  1. We recently bought a Cal 27 of similar vintage (our first boat), and need to also remove vinyl, fix leaks and perhaps paint over the old mildewy surface. It looks like you just painted and called it good? I like the simplicity of forgoing installing new vinyl if that was the case. Do you remember what kind of paint was used, and how has it held up over time?

    1. Hello Dean ! We pulled out all the vinyl yes, gave it a good wash, painted it and called it a day. If I remember correctly we just used some kind of house paint. We were glad to not have re-vinyled, made it easier to keep an eye on anywhere water was coming in.

      1. Hello Jessie! Thanks for the reply, and yes it does make perfect sense to actually see where any leaks originate so they can be remedied long before mold/mildew builds up under the vinyl. Seems less work too. Heading out this morning to begin the process. We’ll be sailing her (Trutina) for the first time come Spring, after we learn how that is… Taking on this hobby much later in life than you and Katie, hoping though to have many future adventures before we get too ricketty/landlocked. You’re blog is actually a great resource in addition to a fun/quirky/inspirational read, and very much appreciated! For us it’s deanandkristenonaboat! 😉

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