We had to transport the boat from Muskegon MI, up to Northport MI, Uncle Tari and Randy volunteered to sail north with us. Louise is now on a mooring ball in front of Jimmy Z’s house in Northport. We left at 11:30 Monday, sailed 26 hours straight and made it to Northport at 3pm the next day. The weather was perfect, and wind in our favor the entire trip. With no working instruments (depth sounder, knot indicator, fuel gauge, or engine temp) you could say the trip was almost too good to be true.

Randy invented a “Sun Beak” along the way, to protect his nose form the sun. Brilliant.

Sailing into the sunset, trying to avoid freighters.

If only Sun Bum and Kaboom would sponsor us.

Final stretch, arriving in Northport

Northport bay, Louise’s new home.

One thought on “26 hours. Muskegon to Northport.

  1. This Blog is awesome!

    I gotta get Dave and B to make one just like it (you know they are heading out the Golden Gate and turning left next month!). It’s awesome to see how far the boat has come in such a short time. Keep up all the good work. What a fantastic adventure!

    I feel like a landlocked sailor now with Dave takin off and now you guys! My time and boat will come someday :).

    Be safe out there in the oceans rivers and lakes! Happy sailing and good luck!


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