Jessie began her day being hoisted up the bosun’s chair to the very top of the mast to pull the halyard back down.

Sunday, August 5th was such an amazing day. All of our family was together working on Louise. Jimmy, Randy, Ellen, the Alex’s, Roxie, Reggie,  Steve & Linda Williams, all came up to Torresen Marina where we had Louise docked. In a matter of hours we got so much work done. Louise was purchased May 4th, and it took until Sunday, Aug 5th to actually sail her. We are extremely happy girls, it was a huge relief and accomplishment that it sailed, and nothing broke. Thank you everyone for helping, and just now realizing that we are going to make this happen!

Jessie, Jimmy, & the Alex’s

Bad luck to cut hair while living at sea.

Katie’s mom, Ellen slowing scraping 5200 caulk off our deck. Thank you Ellen.

First sail since we have owned her. Happy.

In the middle of the Pacific ocean.

3 thoughts on “Family

  1. We were in Michigan for about a month in late september. Traverse bay is a beautiful area! We were just at Cedar Key yesterday and we are heading to the panhandle for the next few days. I love Cal yachts! I use to own a Cal 25 and hope to fulltime in a Cal 40 with my family when our lives on the road come to an end. Have fun!

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