Today started off just like any other, had the potential to be a productive day.

We were given a pretty little 4 stroke engine for our dinghy. (which is really exciting, no more rowing!)  Well this morning we were just about to hop into the dinghy after getting the engine attached & started, when it suddenly switched into gear, taking off in circles around Jessie damn near taking off her feet, what we didn’t know was that this was only the beginning of the days mishaps. The engine shut off half way out, so we ended up rowing anyway. Once we finally made it out to our lovely Louise the dinghy deflated to the point where we almost lost the engine all together.

Jimmy Z came out to help with the electrical stuff, we were tied up to the Molesta’s boat to use their generator on a prefectly calm day. 2 hours later some ass hole flies by making some hefty waves, crashing our boat into the Molesta’s, resulting in the new hole in our haul (see video below)

Later Jessie and Jimmy were temporarily using gorilla tape to patch the new hole in our boat. Jessie had strips of gorilla tape hanging down from the hatch. When I climbed down the stairs into the boat a few minutes later, I neglected to see these strips of tape and walked right into her boobie trap. I lost some hair.

Next, the toilet. It’s about time to go in for the night waves are picking up and its getting dark…. not so fast. I realized the pump that flushes the toilet was not working properly… In fact not “flushing” at all. After consulting with Jessie, we decided it was a Jimmy-job. Turns out that it was not a task that could be done with the toilet attached, so Jimmy began to remove the entire toilet. He instructed us to detach all of the hoses, resulting in the contents of our holding tank in places we really didn’t want it.

Somehow we found a way to laugh through today’s frustration, despite all of the mishaps, we learned a lot that we will take with us from here on out….

New captain’s chair?

Reggie is over it and we havn’t even left yet.

3 thoughts on “1 step forward, 2 steps back

  1. It’s a good thing that all of these problems are coming up now in Michigan – as opposed to on the river! Good luck fixing everything!

  2. Woo hoo!!!! Hear me Rrrrr!!!!!!
    Go girls!
    I have a marina and everything for you set up in Venice Beach FL for whenever you come thru!! Planning on meeting you there!! Git it;-) love you!

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