I am writing this to clear up some questions that we are constantly being asked.

“Isn’t the Mississippi River shut down?”

“Wow… I hear the water is really low, are you sure you don’t want to wait till next year?”

“Have you ever seen the movie Deliverance?”

HAHAH. YES – a portion of the southern Mississippi river was closed because the water was too low for commercial tugs and barges. YES – we did choose a year of significantly low water levels to take this trip. YES – we will at one point run aground, it happens to every boater. YES – we will figure out how to get un-stuck after running aground, because there is no other option. YES – marinas and anchorages have lower than average depths, and will most likely be the deciding factor of where we can, and can not stay each night. NO – I have not seen the movie “Deliverance” and refuse to watch it because otherwise I will not sleep.

I have not found a single forum, article, or website suggesting that “The Great Loop” can not be accomplished this year because of the drought. We are planning for the worst, hoping for the best.

7 thoughts on “FYI

  1. Haha!!! Nice!!! I have allthe faith.in you two…..but I heard tonight that the Mississippi is actually flowing north….sounds funny …and I thought of you girls;-) woo hoo!! here’s to adventure!!!!

  2. Sooo excited for you two! When is your actual “set sail” date? Can’t wait to hear about your crazy adventure step by step 🙂

  3. pretty scary if there are people out there that woudl believe the mississippi river could be shut down..huh??? it runs from minnesota all the way to the gulf of mexico, what could they be thinking??? wonder where they learned geography (or were they sleeping during those lessons???) too funny…see you all very soon 😉

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