Time is going by unbelievably fast. Not much longer until we actually sail away. I wouldn’t even know where to start if you asked me what work we have done to the boat thus far. Louise has transformed from a 1979 blistered, rusty, moldy, smelly ole vessel, to a restored and beautiful new home. I wish there were better “before” photos, but at least you will now have a better taste of what she looks like after the fact.

Drawers of goodies. Screws, nuts/bolts, nails, pins/rings, flashlights, batteries, velcro, lighters, knives, Jimmy’s cigarettes?

An Interchangeable dining room, living room, office, or guest bedroom if you come to visit.Sunsets from our living room.

Do not plan on any privacy. It does not exist.

Wall decor to be continued…

These will be fun in muddy rivers.

Thank you Katie for our precious bedding.

Many people questioned our sleeping arrangement, but we fit perfectly in there. It all seems so much larger now that it doesn’t look like hell. Cozy.

Bed-time reading out loud activities.

Spider webs and spinnaker line. All-though we do not currently own a spinnaker.

You know that two females own a boat when there are floral patterned cushions.

Final product.

If you read the last post, and are curious about the lovely hole that was put in the boat- it is fixed. The next day Jimmy and I went out with a crazy epoxy concoction and fiber glass material, patched it right up. Good as new. The toilet is also fixed. The pump was broken and neglected to suck in lake water to do its “flushing.” It is insane to me how simple it is for that man to fix broken things. I have learned more in the last couple months than I ever have in any classroom.

For any of you boaters out there, you know the how this goes. As soon as you fix one thing, something else breaks. It is an endless cycle of frustration and satisfaction. The positive side to purchasing an older boat that needed a lot of TLC, is that we will leave for this trip knowing how to fix a hell of a lot more, than if we were to purchase a boat that needed little fixing. By the end of this adventure, Katie and I will be mechanics, plumbers, electricians, and possibly sailors.


4 thoughts on “life is pretty cool

  1. This seriously makes me want to cry in a good way because I am so stoked for you guys to have the best adventure ever. You girls are the best and you better be safe, or else. I hope to come visit you down the river, and gosh I’m just so happy for you guys. ❤

  2. Jessie I am FREAKING OUT with excitement for you!!!!!!!!! You are living my dream!!!! Be safe, have fun, and keep updating – I am GLUED to your blog! Can’t wait to hear all about it! xoxo

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