There are so many people that have been involved in this process, and a few in-particular that truly made this trip possible. It sounds crazy but we both agree that neither of us have had this much support on any decision we have made in our lives this far. For some reason there has been more willingness to help, excitement, hospitality, donations, and love from our families and friends than either of us could have ever imagined!

We have had so many Moms & Dads all summer, this goes out to you. You have no idea how grateful we are for all your help.

“THE DADS” Thanks for trusting us, believing in us, and making us tough.

  •  Jimmy Zevalkink AKA “Mr. Wizard” The man who fixes all things
  •  Randy Smith AKA “Kiddo” The inventor of the Sun-Beak
  •  Tari Smith AKA “Uncle Bouncy” The  guy who laughs so hard that no noise comes out, his whole self just bounces up and down
  •  Dave Molesta AKA “Felix” The man who argues with Mr. Wizard

“THE MOMS” Thank you Moms for not thinking we are crazy, for not caring if we don’t finish college, for cooking us delicious meals, and making sure that we have appropriate foul weather and safety gear.

  •  Ellen Pawlack
  • Claire Bancino
  • Karen Smith
  • Connie Molesta

Lets not forget Ann Rundle, the one who found Louise in the first place, and for being so supportive of our adventure. Our sisters, Maggie and Alex, and “the boys”, Ben and Tucker. Thanks for being so happy for us.

Oh and Michele’s Rescue for our precious new family member Bird the kitten.

Today was our first day on the river and we owe some HUGE thank yous, to Grant Crowly of Crowley’s Yacht Yard for hooking us up with John Buckley at the Chicago Yacht Yard, Thanks for everything!! To the Cope family, our new friend’s & fellow Loopers!

4 thoughts on “HOLLA HOOLA BOOLUH

  1. Katie & Jessie – you two are such cool and brave adventurers. It is really fun to have known you each since you were just newly arrived here on earth, and to be able to be such a small tiny part of the adventure some 20+ years later 😉 have fun “rolling on the River” yes, you must google and play the Tina Turner tune and play it more than just once on your adventure 😉

  2. Super dupper love and tears of joy for my girls!! I’m adopting you Katie!!!! Keep having fun and being safe!! Chatty soon!!

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