The one and only Mr. Wizard decided to wake up before noon to see us off at the Northport marina. Look, he even has a smile on his face.

Happy girls. Excited girls. Bittersweet day.

Leaving Northport harbor on a gloomy morning, Ben and Tucker got the pleasure of being the first passengers on our adventure. The four of us Sailed from Northport to Muskegon together. For three days they were well behaved and actually helpful. We eventually referred to them as our “auto-pilot” while they would take turns at the helm well we took naps below.

Mr. Ben Schmuck at the Leland Harbor

The boys caught bass in Northport, and prepared us a delicious supper after sailing to Leland. Thanks boys. We miss our chefs.

Morning cup of joe before heading to Manistee, MI

We left Leland as the sun came up. When we got out on the lake and saw very scary weather ahead. Listening to the weather report was also unpleasant, but we knew we had a long day ahead and decided to get out the rain gear and tough it out.

The cruise to Manistee began slightly rough, wind was blowing hard on the nose the entire day, and waves splashing over the bow all morning. Somehow we managed to avoid rain.

The weather kept getting better and better throughout the day. By the time we made it to our destination the wind had died and the sun was shining. We arrived in Manistee just before nightfall after the marina was already closed. We tied Louise up anyways, and there was Jimmy Z and Dave Molesta awaiting our arrival to take us out for dinner and beers!

Manistee to Muskgeon was our last leg, and a truly wonderful day. We were in a little bit of a time crunch considering we had an appointment to un-step our mast the next morning at Torresen Marine. We motor-sailed all day and made it in perfect time. Above you can see that Ben is playing with our new friend, a pretty little birdy that landed on Louise and hung out with us for 3 hours. We hoped little birdy would hitchhike on Louise all the way to the ocean.

4 thoughts on “Northport to Muskegon

  1. when you get down my neck of the woods, give me a call, Im only a couple of hours from St louis, and I take Sunday and Mondays off, if you need anything, ie help with any repairs, or a supply run., proud of you Kattie, Uncle John, your moms got my #

  2. Happy sailing girls! Love that your are living one of your lifes best adventures…have a blast,ride with the sweet winds,make friends,savor the beautiful sunrises and sunsets….Steph

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