We have been extremely fortunate with weather so far on our trip. This was the first time it poured on us while we were trying to anchor. Tucked behind a little island with several other “Loopers” we managed to dodge everyone’s anchor line and find a nice little spot to drop the hook. We were the last boat to come into the anchorage, so everyone got to witness us dancing, singing, and stomping around in the cockpit in the pouring rain while trying to set our anchor. Good times. Every time we anchor, we blow up our silly dinghy and row to shore to let Reggie do his business. He is such a good pup. This is typical. Jessie rows, Katie keeps Reggie in line. This avon dinghy has already done the great loop twice back in the seventies with Jimmy Zevalkink. We named our dinghy “Milkdud” and trust it 100% as it still functions somewhat properly. Leaving Quiver Island anchorage one morning… surrounded by pelicans. Yes! Pelicans!  All of the above photos were taken by Hinnerk Weiler. A lovely German fellow we met along the way. Hinnerk has been living on his sail boat since 2009, has sailed across the Atlantic Ocean, lived in the Bahamas, sailed up the East coast, and is now finishing “The Great Loop” and will head for South America. He is a wonderful photographer & human and we are thankful for these great action shots he got. The title of this post “I have all that I need. and a little that I want” is a quote we heard from Hinnerk and one that really stuck in our brains. It is such a true statement living on a 27 ft sailboat only allowing enough space to bring with you what you actually need, and maybe a little of what you want : )

Below is a link to the pod-cast Hinnerk did with Katie and I at Harbor Point Yacht club. Possibly a follow up one available in the future. http://www.segelradio.de/2012/09/srde004-katie-and-jessie-on-a-boat/

2 thoughts on ““I have everything that I need, and a little that I want”

  1. Hi Katie, hi Jessie,
    I came across your blog through Hinnerk’s podcast interview with you. Really enjoyed it. You should put a link (http://www.segelradio.de/2012/09/srde004-katie-and-jessie-on-a-boat/) on your blog so that everyone can enjoy this! And how about a google map so that we can follow your mooring stops? Good luck for your trip Ladies! Keep on entertaining us with your lovely stories! Have just subscibed to your blog and will follow you from now on. Peter from Hamburg in Germany

    1. Hello! Good idea, I will post the link shortly. I am so glad you are enjoying the blog… we are having fun sharing stories. We will not be publicly posting locations, maybe later on down the road we will map it all out!! Thanks for the compliments and we will keep good stuff coming.

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