This whole blogging process has been a lot more difficult than either of us planned. We are spending many more nights anchored than in marinas. This means we do not have internet 24/7. When we do have internet, it is always very spotty.

We have a lot of responsibilities during the day, and zero protection from the sun, wind, or rain while under way. At the end of the day when we do have down-time, we are exhausted! Blogging takes brain power, really good internet, and seems to be very time consuming. SO, apologies for not keeping up with blog posts as I know people are curious as to what’s going on. My camera also has been out of commission for two weeks now, and is being sent into the Canon shop : ( Thankfully Claire visited us in Kentucky and has brought a camera for me to use! I am naked without my camera, and was going a little insane not being able to document via photography!

Bottom line – we are just about half way to the Gulf of Mexico and having the time of our lives. Although, life is not always rainbows and butterflies. Everything is always wet, hairy and smelly. It is the little things that can make or break your day. Every single day is a little bit of a challenge, as we are constantly trying to fix things, having to make decisions, and deal with whatever it is that comes our way. We are just now getting into the swing of things and are excited to be farther and farther away from home. Katie and I are still talking, still laughing, still sleeping up in the v-berth, still the greatest of friends, and appreciate each others assets.   Most importantly the combination of our common sense has worked wonders!

There is so much more to be said. More posts are on the way, just know that today’s technology is not part of our daily life, and internet comes only so often. So be patient, we will write when we can, and when we are in the mood. I promise you the good, the bad, the ugly, and hopefully some great photos.

One thought on “Please be patient

  1. Hi BraveLadies! So wonderful to hear your posts from Muskegon and all the way on to Kentucky! What an amazing and brave spirit you both demonstrate, in spite of camera failure and internet connectivity issues. You go, girls! Clark & Toby

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