Pretty Claire flew all the way from Seattle, to Paducah Kentucky to come visit us for a long weekend. She landed at the airport at the exact time we tied up at Green Turtle Bay marina in Grand River, KY. Momma Claire was our first privileged guest aboard Louise. If you want to call it a privilege. We relaxed at Green Turtle Bay for two nights, took advantage of the courteousy car to stock up at Walmart, drank rum and dined out for the first time in a while. Thank you mother for your weekend contributions!! It was a lovely couple days and we are happy you got to experience our life on Louise.

Jessie checking the stuffing box because it likes to leak more than it should! Claire relaxing with her glass of wine, questioning what her daughter could possibly be doing?

Jessie and Bird, enjoying a morning cup of joe in her nap-sack. The perfect thing to be wearing on a chilly morning.

Good-morning Katie and Reggie.

So sad. Oil spill in Kentucky Lake as we topped off the oil on the outboard motor, that does not like to run when we need it to run.

We found a private little cove to anchor out at in Pisgah Bay, which is located on the north end of Kentucky Lake.  The evening brought upon us whiskey, rum, a fishing pole, and of course the guitar. There was no fish caught for dinner so we drank instead.

I also realized I have not yet posted a photo showing the name of the boat. Isn’t she lovely?

2 thoughts on “Claire comes to Kentucky

  1. Loving your updates and posts…can’t believe you two gals are actually doing this, although I never had any doubts 🙂
    Love you both…keep on truckin!!!!!!!

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