It was such a relief to spend time in Kentucky Lake. It is an enormous lake that the Tennessee River runs through. There are hundreds of turn offs and inlets offering beautiful places to anchor. Unfortunately most of the time we spent on Kentucky Lake we were socked in with low clouds and rain. Sometimes weather makes things more memorable, and often for Katie and I – more enjoyable.

Our gages… kind of work, and kind of do not?

Hmmmm. Questionable smoke.

and a dead cat.

The state of Kentucky shortly turned to Tennessee. I think we will live here. We love Tennessee. It is tempting.  The river glitters, the hills are rolling, the leaves are changing color, and the people talk funny. We have been nothing but smiles along the Tennessee River, and are not rushing to leave. We also came across our favorite anchorage yet, Harmon Creek. We spent the evening exploring the island, avoiding a snake, unsuccessfully fishing, cooking a delicious dinner, drinking rum, and laying in the cockpit looking at the stars – it seemed like we were in a planetarium as Louise slowly swung around the anchor. Finally out of the midwest, everything is suddenly very relaxed.

Harmon Creek Anchorage

Katie girl. Being a sunbum.

One of the best sunsets yet…


3 thoughts on “Today we live in Tennesse

  1. Harmon Creek on Kentucky Lake/Tennessee River about the 89 mile mark. That is right across from my house, I am on the East side. Did you have any trouble getting in to Harmon with all the lake weeds? Just found your blog. Safe travels.

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