There are some things that I know Y’ALL are wondering. Such things as… What do we eat? Or, what do we do for heat? Or what mistakes have we made and learned from lately?

We have accidentally become vegan. Not seriously. But kind of. Very early in the trip we realized that buying food that has to stay cold is pointless. We have nothing but an icebox, and an icebox that is located right next to a hot engine is not helpful. Both of us being daily meat and dairy eaters, we had to get used to this life. The only things we care to keep cold at this point are beer and fresh vegetables.  Everything else can be kept at outside temperature. So, what do we eat? We eat lots of granola, tortillas, peanut butter/honey/jelly/nutella, soup, trail mix, cookies, turkey jerky, canned chile, canned chicken, and tuna. You get the point. Fresh meats and cheese are out the window. Fishing is almost a daily activity. It has not worked yet. But it will.

Unlike some of today’s boats, our 1979 Cal does not offer an in-house heating system. We have our own system called the “petting zoo.” Yes, although we are technically in the south, it still gets down in the 30’s at night. When we left on the trip, just Katie and I were sleeping in the v-berth. As temperatures have dropped, suddenly there have been 4 bodies radiating heat in the v-berth – Reggie, Bird, Katie and I. The animals have both decided that our bed is their bed as well. The “petting zoo” got it’s name because of the animals’ insistence for affection while we are trying to sleep. Like clock work, every single morning at 7am, the animals are awake and make sure that we are too. Bird runs back and forth faster than we can focus, attacking our faces and Reggie’s tail. Reggie lays still trying to play it cool, but eventually he gets pissed off and tries to bite Bird’s face. Long story short, amidst all the ruckus in the v-berth, there is no need for additional heating.

Silly mistakes. We make a lot of them. I personally have made many more than Katie so far. I seem to like to do things backwards? My most classic move to date was turning the oil drain bolt the wrong way. I spent at least 20 minutes, using every ounce of body strength, turning the bolt in the direction that I knew was positively loosening it. But no, I had tightened it tighter than you can imagine. Eventually I kicked myself in the head realizing that I had it all backwards in my mind. Is it because I am a female trying to change oil on a diesel engine? Either way, we got her done!

Another great mistake – Just the other day we went to anchor about half a mile off the Tennessee river in a creek. Our guidebook specifically said “be aware of a 2 foot depth drop overnight because of nearby dam.” Katie and I both thought that 2 feet sounded too drastic…what are the chances of it actually dropping 2 feet?! The creek was narrow, with 10 feet of water all the way in, and 5 feet at it’s shallowest. We dropped the hook in 9 feet, and had enough room to swing in all directions without hitting bottom. When we awoke in the morning, sure enough, we were surrounded by land that was not there when we came in the night before. Turned on the depth sounder… 7 ft. Knowing we would run aground trying to leave the creek, we waited hour after hour watching the water rise. Guess the book was right : (

During this time we’ve come to realize how ADD we both are. We struggle to sit in one place, and enjoy moving to new places. I can only read and drink coffee for so long… and Katie can only go “birding” for so long. Katie did find a beautiful hawk with a broken wing and tried to save it. Unfortunately the wild life rescue in the area was not so helpful, and neither were we. It’s the thought that counts.

The last fun fact is that we are unintentionally creating our own language. Who needs to know boating lingo? One example being – there is no “port” and “starboard” on Louise. There is “my side” and there is “your side” All of my things are located on the starboard side, while Katie’s are located on the port side. From day one we have referred to the sides of the boat as “my side” or “your side”

Any other questions?

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