Today Bird experienced swimming for the first time. It all happened right before my eyes – like a mother watching her child by the deep end of the swimming pool. Except in this case, it was hilarious. I was sitting on the dock writing, while Bird was skipping around exploring other boats. She was curious about the sailboat docked in front of us, getting steps closer to hopping on. Little did she know there happened to be a dog “Farley” on the boat who was of course protective of his land. Farley came barking and charging at Bird, scaring the hell out of her. Bird reacted stupidly trying to jump aboard the vessel. In the midst of horror she did not get a good enough grip, tumbling to the rivers below in-between the boat and the dock. I immediately ran over and started cracking up after witnessing her being able to swim with no previous lessons. I fetched bird out of the water, soaking, terrified, and awfully unattractive. It was inevitable, and a moment we were waiting for. Thank you Farley for helping us get it over with.

5 thoughts on “A bird that swims, and can not fly

  1. Jessie, does that bring any memories back of you and Alex and Kody trying to save a seagull with a broken wing? Taking it to Dr. Lamb? an M.D.? LOL

  2. Every time we went past your boat yesterday, Bird was looking down into the water stalking fish. So we wondered if she could swim, and it’s good to know that (now) she can.

    So nice to catch up with you two. We obviously like pretty boats and you have Louise looking good. See you in Florida.

    Paul and John

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