The Tennessee river and Pickwick Lake have been delightful. We are always happy to be back on a lake again after many miles of narrow river. There are no negative words to be said of either, but I’d say our preference is the open lake. We enjoyed several anchorages on Pickwick, and have spent almost a week here. Between the southern hospitality, landscapes that look like paintings, bass tournaments, old western bars, trees of broccoli, prime time real estate, and fishing success, we have not covered much ground. For the first time we have no desire to get any farther. Four hundred and fifty miles till the gulf will go by quickly. This mellow river, “motor-boatin” stuff is kind of nice….

Katie caught a fish!!! Finally. It only took a month and a half. She is now on a roll… and has caught 3 more since. This one went back into Pickwick lake, and did not become supper. I am personally determined to catch a catfish. I will kill it, and gut it, and cook it, and eat it, and it will be delicious, and you will hear about it. Just give me another month.

2 thoughts on ““motor-boatin”

  1. Yea, Katie!!!!! Hey, if ya’ll catch a catfish, make sure you cook up a mess of hushpuppies to go with it…and have some whiskey…
    love you two!
    mama bear Lynch

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