The past few days we have filled our time with activities on land. Land is nice. It does not rock back and forth. The first “Loopers” we ever met, Bill and Bonnie Sweeney, treated us to a day at Shiloh battle field, a civil war museum and national park. They rented a car for the day and invited us to come along. Cars are fast. Much faster than Louise. Not being much of a history buff, I was still fascinated to stand on this historical land. It gave us a new perspective of where we are, and the history of the rivers we are travelling. We later explored the town of Savannah, where we were awed by victorian homes from the 1800’s, and stuffed after an awesome southern barbeque meal.

Spending several evenings in marinas has been more fun than expected. Although we enjoy anchoring out, you just can’t beat the company of fellow loopers. For a while we were traveling daily with other boats. Since Kentucky Lake, everyone scattered to separate areas, and took their own side trips. Katie and I have been on our own for a while, and are happy to be in a marina surrounded by friends and “families” we have accumulated along the way. It’s been a month and a half and I am still constantly caught off guard by how hospitable and loving people can be. A stranger one moment, and a great friend the next.

Katie and I laugh at how different we are socially. I am the one to immediately shake a hand, introduce myself, give boat tours, take photos, ask/answer questions etc. I seem to be the “talker” in the beginning. Katie later comes along, gathers contact information, and does everything she can to make sure we keep in touch. Whether that means slowing our pace, speeding up, or staying put, she does a great job getting everyone together. In the end she actually does much more talking than I do. We jokingly say “I make the friends, and you keep the friends.”

We never know what day it is. For some reason I am always asking the time. I don’t know why. Maybe because it’s either time for coffee, or time for wine. When I think it’s Saturday it is Tuesday. When I think it’s noon, it’s five. We go to sleep earlier than all of our retired friends, and mostly enjoy the “retired” life. Both of us, though, are getting a little stir-crazy with out a schedule and without work. We are heading south slowly to miss the hurricane season. But no work, no money, no schedule is starting to lose its romance. By the time we reach Florida we will be so excited to work, get 7 jobs apiece and never sleep!

3 thoughts on “Port and Starboard learn a little history

  1. Good to hear you got to Shiloh, when I looked at your route on the map i wondered if you’d get a chance. History being an interest of mine and katie’s dads “Kidd” too. Good luck

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