I do not know the best way to summarize the last week. So here it goes.

Sometimes we pretend you can just put a boat in Park. Just like a vehicle. But it doesn’t seem to work that way. Hm.

Bird gets worms. Bird gets poisoned by almond milk and de-worming medicine. Bird spends day after day throwing up. Bird falls into the river at night while we are not paying attention. Bird somehow hangs onto a line attached to our dinghy meowing until we discover her. Bird has a hell of a day.

Reggie gets a tick in his face. Surgery is performed to remove tick while under way. Tick is removed. A few days later, Reggie has 4 more ticks. More surgery is performed. Reggie does not complain. Reggie is a good dog. We are now on a mission to get tick medication. We are also on a mission to not catch the worms, and ticks ourselves. Ew.

Anchor gets stuck. We snap an entire tree in half and pull the rest of it up. Better luck the rest of the week though. Muddy rivers = good anchoring.

The river becomes brown, swampy, un-appetizing. The temperature rises. No way to shade ourselves while moving. Hot. Humid. Sticky. We anchor out for a week while there are no marinas. All we want to do is swim. Be clean. We have been warned of alligators. Swim? I do not think so. No more ice, no more fresh food, getting down to the canned food. Slowly losing sanity. Every hour becomes happy hour.

Walks along creepy Alabama murder scene properties. Fisherman. Dead wild boar, floating down the middle of the river. Haha, what? Armadillo! Seriously! We saw 2 armadillo, weirdest creatures ever created. Every log looks like an Alligator. But it isn’t, not yet at least. No more fish have been caught. If I don’t catch a fish, I owe Ben Lynch 50 dollars. I will catch a fish.

Demopolis Marina. Showers. Laundry. Land. No ticks. Civilization in a redneck way. Internet. Electricity. Trash receptacle. Courtesy car. Walmart! All is well.

Conclusion: 200 miles till Mobile, Alabama. We will become a sailboat again. Turn Left. Ocean. Tides. Weather. Sharks. Dolphins. Salt. Pirates. Louise is the coolest boat ever.

3 thoughts on ““Can’t we just put it in park?”

  1. Glad everything is (pretty much) okay. John and I went to Looperfest and every day we sat at a different table for lunch and dinner. INVARIABLY someone would ask, “So what’s going on with Louise? Are they okay?”. It is not something either you or John will want to remember your trip by, but these folks miss their kids and grand kids (I have mine with me). Like it or not, John is the honorary grandboy and you are the honorary grandgirls of the 2012 Loop. I promise not to get you a plaque.


    Paul & John

  2. Welcome to the South, girls…now you might know why I am FROM the South, but do not live there…ya’ll look out for thangs that bite and sting! Caint wait ta hear how it goes in Alabamer…I’ll let ya’ll know if I find you a slip for yer boat in the gulf…

  3. Katie and Jessee,
    It was fun reading your blog it is awesome.The “Bama Belle” Crew enjoyed having you aboard for snacks and cocktails while we were in Demopolis. We are wondering how your adventure is going. We crossed our wake in Mobile last week. I have ground sickness, i’m still moving but the ground isn’t. LOL
    Give me a holler when your in Mobile and I will show you around.

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