Bobby’s is the last place to get diesel on the Tombigbee river before you reach Mobile, Alabama. Everyone talks about it, and everyone goes. Unfortunately we did not stay the night there… but anchoring close by brought us back 3 times. I refer to it at Bobby’s Alligator camp because just south of this we spotted our first alligator!!! He was bathing on a sandy bank until we decided to disturb him by steering his way. I of course wanted a photograph so we turned around and did a drive by to get a closer look. By the time I put the appropriate lens on my camera, he crawled into the muddy water never to be seen again. Not much farther down the river,  we spotted another one on a bank basking in the sun. Both of them got away before I got a picture to prove it. So I could be lying. But I’m not.

Bobby’s was an old fashion facility that felt like you were walking through an antique shop but nothing was for sale. The walls filled with history, nic-nacs, dust, dead fish, photographs, and odd signs.

This is Sheila. She is the cook at the restaurant located on the premisses. Allthough the restaurant is closed half the week, Sheila offers to come in after hours and cook her famous catfish dinner for boaters who stay at Bobby’s. She was lovely, humming and singing while sweeping, and when I reached out my hand to introduce myself, she immediately responded with a hug instead.

The things that were for sale to eat, also looked like antiques. Better to take pictures than to consume I suppose.

Locals catchin’ gators. I actually have no idea what these fisherman caught that morning, I would just like to think it was a gator.

Topped Louise off with diesel. Only 118 more miles till our “river lives” are over. Reggie is most excited.

An anchorage right outside of Bobby’s Fish Camp, we tied our stern off to a tree. Bird curiously tried to figure out a way to get off the boat. It did not work. We spent the night trying to fish again. It also did not work. Lost my lucky lure in the process, got stuck in weeds down under. We played country music too loud, and scared off whatever fish were there in the first place. Woke up to thick fog, and had to wait a while before we could leave that day.

5 thoughts on “Bobby’s Alligator Camp

  1. Hey!!!! So holy crap!!! When are you going to be in Mobile??? We have to chat soon, cuz I was thinking Feb to meet you at my friends place in Venice Beach, but can come earlier, so let me know!!!!
    Love love!!

  2. Below Coffeeville Lock the girls are highly likely to see a Corps of Engineers hydrographic surveyor on the river somewhere. Actually the lock personnel at the lock can probably call the surveyor to see where he will be that day–other than Friday through Monday around noon. The surveyor is friendly and would be super-happy to talk with the girls about the river. The Corps has a huge role in maintaining the navigation channel below Coffeeville and evidence of their work is everywhere–in disposal of sand on/for beaches, in large upland disposal areas, in their survey vessels, or in their snag boat (depending on where it is at the time.) The Corps and the City of Jackson, AL has a long history of cooperation, as does the Corps and EnergySouth (I think that is the name) at LeRoy, AL. At River Mile 100 is an entrance to an old oxbow (upper end closed off) with historic Old Lock 1 well preserved and readily available for viewing.

    If the girls want to know more about the Lower Tombigbee below Coffeeville, have them call me (Fred Horn) at 205 310-7161 or Mark Goddard at the Corps in Tuscaloosa (205 752-3571). Glad to help; proud of our river. Can answer a bunch of questions.

  3. Enjoy reading about your journey. Saw you two on Johnny and Doris Ross’ boat having breakfast. Be safe and have fun!!

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