For some reason, it seems to be getting colder and colder as we get farther south. I thought there was a reason people fled in the direction of the equator for the winter? Apparently not. This particular day we did not know what to do with ourselves on a brisk day while at anchor, so we put every piece of our bedding in the cockpit to stay warm, hooked the laptop up to the speakers and had a movie day. Quite satisfying.

Sunrise at Lock One Cutoff anchorage. Katie taking Reggie for his morning duties.

The previous day, Katie and I took a long walk on some road leading to who knows where. A sherrif stopped us along the way and asked where we were headed. Was it obvious we were not southern Alabama locals? He warned us that the area we were walking was very populated with wild boar and that they are extremely dangerous. Of course! Wild boar. Why didn’t we think of that? Maybe because we were more concerned about the Alligator population. Katie asked the sheriff what action should be taken if we happen to encounter a wild boar, and the sheriff responded “run and climb the nearest tree” Katie was of course more concerned about Reggie than herself. He gave us his number and told him to call him if we had any problems what-so-ever. Hah!  We walked back to the dinghy so fast, knives flipped open in hand, ready for a wild boar stabbing.

Bird seems to have herself buckled in for the day

One fine morning, we waited out fog at anchor until the sky was nice and blue. An hour later, we found ourselves in some IFR conditions. The fog had come back to haunt us. Borderline zero visibility. On a winding river with massive barges that can come around a bend at any moment. Uhhhh…. mommy? Thankfully we were traveling with Traunt and Whish. We hugged their stern and stayed just close enough keep them visible. Communicating via VHF, and creeping along at idle speed, Truant dropped a hook right outside the channel markers, where we tied up and waited until the fog lifted.

It was so erie, quiet, intimidating, freaky, fun? Don’t mess with mother nature.

Antlers guiding our way

Counting down miles, and only a handful of days until we complete this insane river system. Somehow we got here from Michigan. That is seriously weird. The crazy part is, so many people take this trip, and it is hugely populated with the retired folk. Which we love. Which makes us not actually crazy. Right?

One thought on “Miles to Mobile

  1. No, you are actually crazy…but in a very wonderful way…if only everyone could be so crazy, it would be a much better world…precarious, but better!!!
    Love you two…XXXOOO

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