Never know what day it is. Never know what time it is. Hygiene and health are questionable. What month is it? How the hell did we get here? What are we doing again? Whose idea was this? Running water would be nice. Or how about milk that stays cold? A vacuum to clean 4 shedding beings would be lovely. A cat who does not mistake our bed for her litter box possibly. Better yet, a house that is stable, where items stay in one place…where things only move when you move them.

The jokes we make about the life we signed up for are endless. The truth is, thus far, we would not have done it any other way. We would not have chosen a different boat, a bigger boat, or a newer boat. There is nothing else that we wish we would have done to out-fit or prepare Louise. Jimmy, Randy, and Tari Knew exactly what was important to have, and exactly what was not. The more you have, the more you have to fix when it breaks. Keep it old school my friends. It’s way cheaper, and way more rewarding. Life is just fine without a water maker. All you need is  20 gallons of water a week.

Living simply is a miracle in itself, and I would say we have gotten darn good at it. Making it to Mobile Bay was our first huge accomplishment. For two girls who never graduated college, this is how I imagine it feels. Why isn’t everyone calling me and sending me cards in the mail?!?! Maybe because I have no address. Reaching the gulf and seeing that first dolphin in Mobile Bay, might have been the most satisfying moment in 61 days and 1300 winding miles.


9 thoughts on ““YOU GOTTA GET A WATA MAKAAA”

  1. Hi Ladies,

    Im on a C&C Landfall 38 called the Time Passages. I also have a Cal 40 which is my favorite boat, so Louise caught my eye. My crew and I saw your website at a lock on a floater. We are at Bobbys fish camp tonight.

    Looks like we are stepping spar at dog river marina. Where did you go to step spar? Looking for good value and accomodating boat yard.

    Heading to Key West for winter work. If you see a yellow boat named Dandelion, Capt. Noah lives onboard and is a great guy, good freind. Look him up!

  2. Now I know how two rag-tag boys with kinda long hair must have felt when they got to this same spot, was it 1972??? wow, is it exactly 40 years later that you girls are making the same journey?? oh, yeah I know the Tom Bigsbee thing wasn’t around then, but you get the idea…

    1. I dont have running water either which sucks!

      In tarpon springs getting diesel fixed on my c&c. Heading to key west. Where ya all be at?

      Im updating on sail door county facebook.

      The wahoo

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