Such a hilarious moment! These dolphins completely caught us off guard, and came to say hello the moment I pressed record on the video camera. I apologize for all of our awful videography. Sometimes things are so exciting, it’s impossible to hold a camera still.

Along the Intracoastal is Lulu’s restaurant with a dockside tie up. Jimmy Buffett’s sister owns the restaurant, so of course you can’t pass up the pit stop. Louise rafted up with the blue boat above “Betty L” for lunch and a brew. Bob & Madeline (owners of Betty L) have a son John, who came to visit from Maryland for the weekend. The first human we have hung out with under the age of 30.

John jumping in at our first anchorage out of Mobile Bay. No it was not warm outside. The beautiful, protected bayou provided us with glassy water all evening, and lots of friendly dolphins. It was pretty neat to be relaxing at a silent anchorage, and hear nothing but dolphins surfacing and playfully swimming around our boats. Something we have been looking forward to since the day we decided to take this silly trip.

Whish and Truant rafted close to us in the bayou.  They are the greatest because no matter how far you are from those 4, you can always hear them cracking up. Jo’s laugh echoes over the water so clearly, it doesn’t matter that you have no clue what they are laughing about – it makes you laugh as well.  Cruising without them will never be the same!

The best combination of boaters ever to exist. Thanks to Mark and Betty from “Cat Man 2” for being our Pensacola tour guides. Pensacola being their home, this is where they recently ended their one year “great loop.” When we all arrived in the city, they came to pick us up and took us to the infamous Navy Aviation Museum. It was fascinating and made me want to fly again. I just figured that piloting a 27 ft sailboat would be enough to keep my chopper license current. Not to mention all the happy hours that are keeping my medical up to par.

I like this buoy, don’t you?

Pensacola sunset. Not too shabby. This is a little Sabine Bay on the Intracoastal where we anchored for 2 nights while exploring the town. You can row to shore, and walk across the street to Pensacola pier and look out over the Gulf of Mexico. The sand is white as sugar, and the water rolls in aqua blue. WOOOOO FLORIDA. Not a state I ever, in my life, thought to spend some time. Here we are. I’m not complaining.

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  1. Happy thanksgiving. We are moved out and holed up at a friends beach house in montague. Enjoy

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