Happy thanksgiving everybody. Today I am thankful for a lot of things. Possibly too many to list. At the moment, I am thankful for Whole Food’s grocery store in Tampa with wifi and coffee. This place is amazing.

Yesterday Katie and I rented a car. We drove really fast and it was really fun. I was terrified of driving under overpass’s so quickly as I thought we would lose our mast. But I guess cars don’t have masts. 75 miles per hour is a lot faster than 5 knots. Why didn’t we just drive to Florida?

This is the first time we have left Louise alone. All alone in Panama City. I miss her already. It is a scary feeling leaving your home behind in unfamiliar waters. What’s going to happen to it? Hopefully it is still afloat and in the same location when we return. This is also the first day Katie and I have a break from one another. I am already lost. Katie… where are you? I can’t seem to make a single decision for myself. Like what I should buy at Whole Foods.

We spent the night in Janine (our rental car) in the cell phone waiting lot of Tampa airport. I maybe slept 3 hours. 2 girls, 1 cat, 1 dog, 1 Toyota Camry. Katie and Reggie are now off to San Diego for Thanksgiving festivities.  I will drive to Orlando to retrieve the Lynch family from the airport, then spend the rest of the week exploring Florida for places to work, and places to park the house.

I wish everyone a wonderful holiday. Feel free to send us some leftovers, preferably things that do not need to be refrigerated.

3 thoughts on “Thanksgiving with Janine

  1. Happy Thanksgiving Jess! Glad to see your trip is moving along safely. Hit on a few cute guys for me 😉


  2. Hey, girls. We are still in Apalachicola and yesterday as we were walking along the dock, Truant and Wish came around the corner to the marina. Had dinner with them last night – ate oyster, of course! Glad you are having fun!

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