IMG_3301 Can’t get enough of you MericaIMG_3306 Can’t complain when you get to see this kind of sunset every single night. There is never an option to miss one because we are always outside in the middle of nowhere.IMG_3316The morning after a long night. Can you tell? Top Ramen at 7 am, yes please.

There is something addicting about constantly moving, and ever changing scenery. I imagine the addiction will only get worse through out this trip. Every day we move we see something unknown, something our eyes have never met, something beautiful, or sometimes not so beautiful. Apalachicola, was the first place where we were tempted to just stop. An old fishing town full of antique shops, art galleries, tap rooms, friendly young people, a simple square mile that had our names written all over it. Because it is so far north, winter is Apalachicola’s dead season. Meaning bad place to try and make quick money. We did spend several days there, and were sad to say goodbye.IMG_3480On the move again in Lake Wimico. A small channel along the intra-coastal opens up to this glassy lake. We were the only humans around, nothing in sight but the sky’s reflection.IMG_3485 IMG_3495 IMG_3506 Awesome antique shop called “The Tin Shed” catering to boaters, it housed everything nautical. Believe it or not there has been a Victoria’s Secret bikini shoot in front of this wall of buoys. Which marks it a pretty cool place, right?IMG_3515 Creepy pirate, sailor man with a lazy blue eye (like my cat)) at The Tin Shed, wanted to take him home. Maybe him and Bird would be friends. IMG_3520 Louise tied up to the city dock at Apalachicola where we stayed for a couple nights free of charge. No water, or power or anything, but it was a block from the bar.IMG_3527Okay, we have gone long enough without showers. Desperate times call for desperate needs. Solar shower hose draining right into our living room, followed by a salt water hair wash. Luxurious.

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