Having a rental car for a week and being off of the boat was a very odd experience. I must say that 3 months on a sailboat made me forget about what the real world is like. I can not decide if I miss it or if I want nothing to do with it. Thanks a million to family friends who provided me with food, a bed, and a shower, it was overall a spoiling week off of the boat.

I scouted Fort Myers Beach area for a place to park Louise for the winter, and for a job. Surprised to find many marinas that don’t allow live a-boards, it was more difficult than I anticipated to find a place for our home. On the other-hand, busy season in Ft Myers Beach is beginning, so the job market is looking great for Katie and I.

Why Fort Myers for the winter? Good question. We don’t really know. Because it is a big and busy enough town to make some quick money, far enough south to stay warm throughout the winter, and a good location to enter and exit the gulf as we please. I suppose another reason is because we will go broke if we try to get any farther south. So Fort Myers it is.

IMG_3369Sanibel Island. Warm salty water, millions of seashells, dolphins, and sunshine. I understand why the old folk congregate here. IMG_3390

IMG_3375 I picked up a cowboy along my travels.  Ben Lynch flew in for the holidays with his family, and was with me for several days on Sanilbel Island. He stuck out like a sore thumb. There were a lot double takes as people drove by… a cowboy in southern Florida? Weird. Biking all over the island, ringing our bike bells and greeting every single person we passed, we made great retired people. IMG_3395  IMG_3426 IMG_3436 IMG_3447 I decided to bring Bird to the beach. It was hilarious. She loved running around in a massive litter box and smelling all sorts of fishy things. She barely wandered 50 feet from us, and when she lost her bearings, came running back to where we sat. When I attempted to place her at the edge of the water, I ended up bleeding instead as her claws sunk into my clavicle. Oh well, it was worth a try.IMG_3465White fluffy cat on a beach. Hmmm.IMG_3403Biking around a wildlife refuge we spotted several gators, TONS of little lizards, and a tree hugging a tree. How cute.

Back to the airport. Drop off Ben. Pick up Katie. Back to Panama City. Drop off the rental car. Back to Louise. Back to life on the boat. Back to small spaces and not very many things. Damn did it feel good.

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