Dog Island is a quiet oasis right off the coast of a small town named Carrabelle. This is where the Intracoastal waterway ends and the unprotected waters of the Gulf begin. The last stop before entering the Gulf southeast bound for Cedar Key, FL. A completely secluded island, where we found no foot prints but our own. The one night we spent there, we witnessed the most extrordinary 360 degree sunset ever.IMG_3542Look, the sun is setting.IMG_3558 IMG_3559 An abandoned house, washing away. It had potential, we could stay.IMG_3566 Reggie dog, on Dog IslandIMG_3569 IMG_3571Unfortunately, photos do not do justice to what our eyes actually witnessed. But you get the point. Trust me, it was amazing.

One thought on “Dog Island

  1. Katie and Jessie, these photos are spectacular. So glad that you are truly smelling the roses in a way few of us have done! Love, Aunt Betsy and Uncle Jon

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