In the world of a traveling live aboard, things don’t always go your way. As soon as you make plans, plan on not meeting them. If you need to be somewhere by a particular date, your date will be stood up. There are certain things that Katie and I choose not to discuss, because god forbid they be spoken aloud. If we are to be at a certain place by a certain time, we quietly hope to make it, but do not speak of it. We don’t ever dare jinx a situation. We live by this. You should as well. If you are a sailor, don’t ever make plans. Period.

We “planned” on spending one day in Cedar Key, to rest after our overnight Gulf excursion. The following day after waking, fog socked us in. Not going anywhere. Foggy, soggy, dreary, bored, dirty, we filled up the dinghy with laundry and activities to do on land for the day. A quaint coffee shop kept us entertained for a number of hours, until restless leg syndrome kicked in. After going on the most A.D.D run I have ever been on in my life, we stumbled upon a motel and tiki bar a mile outside of town. Our attempt at exercise, led us to the most fascinating, creative, one of a kind tiki bar I have ever seen.

IMG_3631Once a shack, nothing but a frame, transformed into a piece of art. A single room created by glass bottles, license plates, action figures, signs, shoes, all recycled materials. Sweaty from our “run” Katie and I walked in knowing we left our wallets behind.  Pat (owner of the tiki bar) offered us a round of drinks. One round turned into three, a down day of boredom turned into one of the most memorable nights we have had. Pat and his wife Cindy have owned Low-Key Motel, and Hide-away Tiki Bar for several years. The work they have put into the property shows, and pays off. Pat and Cindy themselves fall into that “top 10 most amazing people you have ever met” category. I know you have one of those too. Together they are professional photographers, travelers, mentors, the kind you will never forget.

IMG_3644The next morning, we attempted to leave Cedar Key for the second time. The fog seemed to lift, and the sun began to shine. But of course, our anchor was stuck. I mean really stuck. Over an hour of back breaking labor (yes i am comparing this to giving birth) trying every trick in the book. Johnny, our friend from “Bout Time” whom we’ve been traveling with, even hopped on Louise and damn near broke his back as well. With all of our combined strengths, we could barely manage to pull up one foot at a time. Sure enough, we pulled up an entire clam trap that was held fast to our anchor. Disgusting! And all the time we are struggling to hoist and then free the anchor form the clam trap, fog rolls back in. I mean thick, nasty fog. Like the kind in horror movies. Yay. Time to drop the anchor again.

IMG_3603I wish I could pass off this anchor/chain/clam trap get-up to you at this very moment, all though it doesn’t look like much, it was unbelievably heavy. IMG_3606Forgot to mention the case of my green hair…Katie and I poached a hotel hot tub on our way back to the boat one evening. I woke up with this color hair. Chlorine green. This has not happened to me since I was a little girl.

Bummed. Annoyed. Green hair. Stuck for another day. Hell, at least we could head back to the tiki bar. Out of nowhere a motorboat cruised up to Louise. Pat and Cindy…. saw the fog roll in that morning and had come to offer us a room for the night at their motel. “Hallelujah” starts playing in the background, rays of sunshine burst through the fog, baby jesus has risen. Hot showers, a bed that’s in the shape of a square, cable, internet, dry and hairless room, spaghetti dinner at 6? We can not thank you enough Pat and Cindy Bonish for taking us in for a night. We spent the day lolly gagging in clean, white robes, and laid around in a huge, white, fluffy bed. Enjoying life’s simple pleasures for the day, those typically taken for granted, we felt like princesses.IMG_3617

If you get the time, check out Pat and Cindy’s blog, They have traveled the country via RV documenting great stories and taking photographs that put mine to shame. The moral of the story is, although Katie and I were both frustrated because of the weather, the 2 extra days spent in Cedar Key FL, were beyond worth it. Coming across people who go a little bit out of their way to make someone else’s day, is the kind of experience that keeps us going. IMG_3622

6 thoughts on ““Welcome to the institute of low-key living”

  1. With all that is going on right now, it is refreshing to follow your stories and of the amazing good will of people out there. Wishing you continued success on your adventure throughout the holiday season and beyond.

  2. Yep! Wanna cry again…….I love your blog and you girls! Let’s figure out when I’m coming to see you!!!
    And btw Miss Jessie…..YOU are one of my top 10 in my life:) for sure

  3. Hey Girls, The crew at Twin Rivers Marina ( Susan, Tiff, Billy, Ray) just wanting to check on you and see how the trip was going. You two are very inspiring, adventurous, and brave. It was a pleasure meeting you both. Hope the rest of the trip is safe and mysterious……. Hope we will see you on the way back home.

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