12Katie and I have a wonderful friend from home who spent two days with us traveling on Louise. There with her camera to document it all, she wrote a beautiful story about us using photography to capture our lives.  This girl is seriously talented.  Several years ago she came to me for advice on camera equipment and photography tricks. Abbey has by far surpassed me with her artsy eye, capability to capture people in their element, and catch the moments that matter. She now has her own wedding and lifestyle photography business, and is my main source of inspiration. The recent post about Katie and I had me smiling from ear to ear. I couldn’t be happier knowing I will have these photos for the rest of my life. Thank you Abbey!!! ABBEYMOORE.NET



FTMEYERS_2012_SMALL-231 30-1


  1. AHHH I didn’t know you were going to do this! You are too sweet. Can’t wait to see you and Katie and those two crazy animals someday soon! xo Thank you jessie and katie!!!!!!!!!

  2. Jessie & Katie,
    I am far beyond intrigued and have constantly (since day one) checked your site for updates at least every other day as I cannot get enough of the photos and hilarious entries that are written. The photos included in this latest entry are phenomenal and will certainly become a visual treasure when the both of you look back. I will continue to live through the lens and words in which you both use. Maybe Ashley & I will be fortunate enough to visit before this venture is over. In the meantime, please take care and know that we are always thinking of you two, and know that you are having (compared to the daily 9to5) the time of your life!

    Christopher M. Sanchez

    1. Chris, thank you so much. It makes us happy to know you are enjoying the stories and photos. Sorry I dont post more frequently! You and Ashley should probably come visit me. We will keep you entertained the best we can, knwowing the 9to 5ers need something to do behind their desks. Lovelovelove to you and Ash!k

  3. Ahoy Katie and Jessie! I have truly enjoyed reading your blog and it turns out that my boyfriend, Nathan and I have been following your wake since Muskegon, MI where we bought our 25.5 foot Hunter Sailboat, Elise in November. We are in Mobile for the week as some repairs are made to Elise but are going to (hopefully) be departing this weekend to cross Mobile Bay. We too are keeping a blog called: chasing70.com! We would appreciate any helpful tips or concerns you had in crossing the Bay and/or the Gulf and any of your “must see’s” along the West coast of Florida.

    Johanna and Nathan
    HMS Elise

    1. Elise and Nathan! That is so great, it’s too bad we never met back in Muskegon. We spent a week at turner marine getting our boat ocean ready, and really enjoyed our time there. As for crossing the gulf…we chose to do several hops. From dog island, to cedar key, to crystal river, then to tarpon springs. All places worth visiting. Our dog island to cedar key crossing went fairly smooth. We did not encounter as many crab traps as others had. It also took us 27 hrs instead of 20 because we chose to sail to avoid these crab traps… Meaning we had to go way off course. But we made it. If you go to cedar key… Look up lowkey hideaway and tikibar … Might be one of the best finds along your entire journey.best of luck!

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