Today we will discuss a topic that I know everyone is wondering but may not ask. The question being… how is living on a tiny boat affecting your friendship? Don’t you and Katie hate each other by now? Well, I can confidently say I think I know what it feels like to be married. Take out the sex, and we are damn near a married couple. We disagree, we annoy one other,  we need our space even though we don’t have any,  we get bored of each other, and we often simply ignoring each another. I’d say that sounds like a typical marriage, don’t you think?

Sometimes Katie talks, or asks a question, and I don’t respond just because I don’t feel like it. She corrects my grammar, always pointing out  when I use words in the wrong context. She yells at me for biting my nails. I am constantly organizing and putting things away…often I don’t even remember where I’ve put them. I’ll move something that Katie stowed. She then fumbles around looking for something that I moved without telling her. Oops. The list of things we do that piss each other off is endless. But at the end of the day, there is no one else I would rather be with on a 27ft sailboat.  At least 96% of our time together is either hilarious, exciting, entertaining, and rather ridiculous. The contributions we make to the boat, and to our travels are 50/50, being not one captain, but two. Katie and I both bring a lot to the table when it comes to decision making, and problem solving. We both know we couldn’t do it without the other. Minor conflict is only human, and nothing that we can’t laugh about later.

I am only informing you about the negatives because they are honest, and when I started this blog I promised the good, the bad, and the ugly. No two best friends would ever get along perfectly in our situation. I can promise you one thing, if I were to write an entry about how great our friendship is it would be a hell of a lot longer than this entry. The positives in our friendship can not even be measured because they so strongly out weigh the negatives. But who wants to read about that?!?

Lesson of the day: If you are questioning any kind of relationship, buy a boat and live on it together. Make sure you leave the harbor, and maybe rough it through some storms together.

8 thoughts on “Wolf Pack

  1. If you girls are going to be near Miami in February there are three boat shows going on simultaneously from the 14th-18th (Miami Boat Show, Strictly Sail and Miami Yacht & Brokerage Show). We are hosting a large party on the 15th and it would be great if you could come and do a presentation about your trip…

    1. Hello! That sounds like an awesome opportunity. We will still be in fort Myers beach unfortunately. We ran out of money so we are working till march or so, then we will be headed that way. Is there any boat shows a little bit later in the season?!

  2. You two young ladies are very wise. We met you in Iuka, MS, We enjoy reading your adventures and wish you all the best. God Bless you. Keith and Bobbie Gjestson, Kim Jo IV

  3. That’ how it goes with true friendship! Bird is staring in my FB page with a link to this page.

    Good winds!

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