So as you all know, we have been at this boating thing for a while, taking 3 and a 1/2 months by boat to arrive in Fort Myers Beach, FL. It is crazy to think we could have hopped in a vehicle and driven here in less than two days. The people we have met, and  amount of knowledge gained in those 3 and 1/2 months have been more rewarding than I ever could have expected.  Our last week which brought us into Fort Myers Beach was truly enjoyable. We didn’t take a moment for granted, knowing that we were about to park Louise for the winter while we fill our penny banks in order to continue this journey.

So many wonderful experiences that last week. Visiting looper friends in Sarasota. Being spoiled at the Venice Beach Yacht Club. Having our friend Abbey aboard. Pulling into Fort Myers Beach with Katie’s family there to catch our lines. All of it brought a sense of accomplishment that we’d not yet felt. A new stage in our journey. The thought of spending more than 5 days in one place seemed foreign, but possibly healthy. Both of us had grown so accustomed to new places and new faces every day, how odd to pay a marina for a full month. I wonder if we will go insane? The purpose of living aboard is to experience a constant change of scenery, not the constant sameness of being parked at a dock. But as you know, you must back up your travels with some kind of funding. So, we will now set out to find work, most likely as waitresses. The best thing about waitressing is that it’s quick cash, with no commitment. Exactly what we want. With not enough time to work at an hourly wage, and not enough patience to sit behind a desk,  Katie and Jessie are about to become professional waitresses.

Louise is secure at her new dock. Her little-engine-that-could is ready for a break. There’s cleaning to be done and improvements to be made. The animals are ready for land, and need a serious visit to the vet.  We are ready to work, and ready to make some friends that are actually our age. All though we LOVE the old folk, it will be nice to make friends our age while we are here. I might not know how to make friends anymore? What am I supposed to talk about besides running aground, and solving diesel engine issues? I plan to continue writing and taking photos while spending time in Fort Myers Beach. Entries and photos may not necessarily be sailing related, but as you know this blog isn’t really even about sailing. It is about two girls on an adventure – taking off on a boat that happens to have sails, figuring it all out as they go, and keeping you entertained with their silly lives.

blog-edits-2Katie, Abbey and I on our final stretch to Fort Myers Beach. An abnormally long day for Katie and me (50-some miles) was nothing but bliss for Abbey visiting from Michigan.

blog-editsOur little photographer

blog-edits-9The three stooges. This was the time of day when we started to lose our minds, start singing, and speaking gibberish.



blog-edits-4We left as the sun came up, and arrived just after the sun set. We could not have asked for a more perfect day. Darkness hit just as we had to enter the narrow channel to get to Fort Myers Beach. Difficult to see the channel markers, but enough light from town to safely arrive at the dock.

blog-edits-10Cleaning day. Everything was taken out of the boat and treated with flea-killing solution. Disgusting thought that we have been living inside a flea infested cage. Louise looked so good when we were done, you could have eaten off her. Oh yeah, we already did that for the last 3 months. We are probably not very healthy. Maybe we should take ourselves to the vet?

blog-edits-12Looper reunion! It was like Christmas day to get together with these folks. Ron and Jean (in the middle) happily hold their Looper Flag signifying their completion of The Great Loop. Way too much food and mini-beers (butterscotch liquor with whipped cream) made for a hilarious evening. We love you all, can’t wait to cross paths with each of you.

blog-edits-13This is what happens when family visits, buys too much alcohol, and leaves it in the hotel room. Oh gosh. What an odd assortment.

3 thoughts on “Time to take a break

  1. I see Maker’s Mark in that loot! Katie, are we channeling Uncle Todd?! I can hear him now mixing the coke and Maker’s with his finger saying “Oh, that’s a good one right there!” So Glad you guys made it! I brag about you guys any chance I get 🙂

  2. Looks like your still having fun. Professional waitresses?, hey, the two of you will do great at it. I am glad to hear you are going to continue to write. Thanks for taking the time to do it.

  3. When you say speaking in gibberish, what do you mean? I’ve heard there are different variations and I’ve never met someone (other than the person that taught me) that could speak it or understand it

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