The day we left Muskegon Michigan, knowing we were about to cross the Lake in  not the greatest weather. Time to test Louise and test ourselves. I don’t think we had any brains that day.

A stray creature has been discovered.

Slightly hung over after a night out in Panama City. HAH. Top ramen for breakfast did not stay in my stomach for more than 30 minutes. Shortly after this we had to go rent a car to get Katie to the airport. How they let us drive away with that vehicle, I will never understand.

Bored in the Gulf. Gotta do something to pass the time…

Just a little Whitney Houston. And no I did not catch a fish. I was pretending.

4 thoughts on “Lost footage. Oh my.

  1. Hi girls! I’ve enjoyed following your adventures. Glad you made it to FMB. I live in Cape Coral. I got your blog from my daughter Laurel Nease (who lives in Spring Lake, is member of Muskegon YC and knows Tari & Randy Smith. If you need anything give me a call. I’ll do my best although traffic on Ft. Myers Beach this time of year is horrendous. I live on a canal 2 blocks off the Caloosahatchee River, east of Cape Coral Bridge. Not sure of the depth of water at the dock in front of my canal but I will check. If deep enough you are welcome to tie up here. My phone number is 239-945-6357. Sandy Telander

  2. Been following this since your adventures were promoted by Poler on IG. If you need assistance near Naples, check with Dave at Parkshore Marina in Venetian Bay (239-434-0724). He knows the Naples/Keys/Marco Island area. Tell him Vince sent you, and good luck on your continuing journey!

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