Today is Katie’s Birthday. Happy Birthday to you Katie Girl. At this very moment we are sitting at a wonderful family friend’s house on Sanibel Island. Mimosas, friends, and a beach day are moments away. What an odd life we live, and what an odd path we have chosen to take together. From getting caught “stealing” your mom’s car and driving around with sky malt beverages before we had drivers licenses, to road tripping to California years later. Traveling around that beautiful state going on not-so-typical adventures, always keeping things interesting.

Now here we are. Living on a sailboat and traveling the country. Soon we will be out of this country and exploring others. I don’t think either of our families would have ever expected such a thing from us. But for some reason, none of it seems that odd to me. You are the only person in my life that would ever pick up and buy a sailboat to call home, leave everything and leave everyone.  Only to travel rivers and waterways unknowingly with me. You are crazy. So am I. Thanks for being so out there. Happy Birthday. You are 24. You are old. Love Youuu!!!

6 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Katie Arial Smith

  1. Happy Birthday, Katie! Although it is Jesse whom I know, it seems that I’ve gotten to know you, too, through the wonderful blogposts you guys have been furnishing us landlubber-followers! The pictures are beautiful, the writing occasionally borders on the profound; and your adventures inspire us to keep stretching beyond our comfort zone. I know the both of you will be so much richer for the adventures completed, and those that lie ahead. I had no idea that going through high school with Jimmy Z would eventually lead to these happy chapters in my own life-book. Cheers!

    1. Hey Clark… Thank you for such kind words. Makes me very happy that people are enjoying reading about our lives. I never expected so much positive feedback from all of this. Stay warm up there in Michigan… Go visit jimmy!

  2. Happy Birthday Katie! Your postings have illuminated our lives through your adventures. I have been living a bit of a nomad’s life myself, and have discovered it pretty liberating. YOU are so wise to pursue your dreams NOW. Thank you for sharing so openly with us – your fans. I hope your next trip around the sun is wonderfully fulfilling!

    Alexis Wittman, Northport, Portland, and ???

  3. I am so looking forward to your next travels! DID you find jobs? Funders? Eric at GVSU Marec mentioned your blog and we have really enjoyed the engine problems and video since we had similar problems in a Catalina 34 when the fuel line broke and everything shut down about 10 miles off Frankfort in Lake MI! That little drip …turned into a big time problem but who knew? You two are getting a great look at life from a unique perspective! Thanks for sharing thru your blog!

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