Hello, my name is Jessie. I live on a boat with my friend Katie. We live on the Jersey Shore.  An Island consisting of people who come from all over the country to get drunk and hit on waitresses.  I have never actually been to the Jersey Shore, but this is how I imagine it to be. I am not trying to be mean here, but holy hell, our pace of life has drastically changed.

Within the first 24 hours of being here, Katie and I both got 2 waitressing jobs.  That’s four different restaurants. We have not sat down since. Almost overnight, we went from 4 months of being unemployed to working 2 full time serving jobs. From 5 knots for 3 months with no exercise, to people beckoning you all day while you hustle tables. From quiet days and little conversation, hours without talking…to “would you like fries with that?” From going to sleep at 8:30, to picking up a drunken mess till 2 in the morning. No need to explain more. You get it.

I realize I am making this sound awful. I am just trying to explain how quickly our lives have changed. How adaptable we have had to be. Katie and I have barely seen each other since we have been here. We just pass each other on the street, wave and yell “Have a good day at work!”  How two people could see each other so little, and live in such a small space together boggles my mind.

Most importantly, the piggy bank is overfilling with pennies. Hard work is already paying off. Maybe we won’t have to be docked as long as we thought? Being unemployed was challenging for Katie and me. Probably one of the things we liked least about this trip. Little sleep, and hard work actually feels really great. Getting our asses kicked is what we hoped for, and sure enough that is what we’re getting. By the time we leave here, the blissful thought of being unemployed again is going to sound quite lovely.

8 thoughts on “Jersey Shore

  1. Hi Jessie and Katie,

    I’m really happy to hear that there was work available!!! You two are so impressive !! Waitressing is tough but potential to make more per hour is good. Sounds like your plan is working out beautifully! By the time sunny weather comes to the eastern seaboard, you’ll be onward and northward with your coffers full and ready for more interesting adventures !!

    I send you love and good thoughts and warm hugs,


    Celia Stewart Coldwell Banker Mammoth via phone

  2. I hope you pass by my house on the St.Clair River. If you ever head back this way. Remember Russell Island. While you are in the South Channel, heading up the St. Clair River past Harsens Island, just after a cut to the North Channel, you are at the Head of Russell Island and Algonac Michigan. The Algonac Harbor Club is a great place to rest. Nice showers and a pool.

    I am inviting you to dinner at my house. I keep my 33’Viking Sloop at the Harbor Club. They say they are going to dredge this year. So, you will have no trouble with a slip. Or you can anchor in front of the house? I have a well anchored mooring ready.

  3. Hi Jessie and Katie, we miss you guys much and thoroughly enjoy the blog updates. Can’t wait til we get back to BETTY L and our friends on the water. Love from the frozen north, B&M

  4. Sounds like you two chicks are hustling and bustling down there. Maybe it’s time Cindy and I come for a visit and check up on the bartending/waitresing skills

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