dad-katie bday-5 Thank You Ed and Laurie De Young for letting my family and I stay in your lovely home on Sanibel Island. What a special place, and what a special weekend – To have my family fly in from different corners of the country to visit, and have 4 days to catch up and relax with the people I love the most.

dad-katie bday-3 Ed and Laurie’s house. Slice of Paradise.

dad-katie bday This living room was a little cozier than Louise’s. Reggie and Bird enjoyed having more room for activities.

dad-katie bday-2

dad-katie bday-6Lizard. Too quick to catch.

dad-katie bday-7The one and only “Desiree” My fathers boat that he bought when he was 21 and completed the Great Loop in, back in the 70’s. Insane how many miles he has put on that thing and how many places it has brought him.

dad-katie bday-8The De Young’s collection of sand from all corners of the world. Dozens of little glass bottles, lining the window si

dad-katie bday-10Not a bad bike collection.

dad-katie bday-11The Zevalkink’s pedal to breakfast.

dad-katie bday-12

dad-katie bday-14 My hair often gets in the way of my photographs.

dad-katie bday-13

dad-katie bday-28Alex(ander) Spent the afternoon in the palm trees…gathering coconuts to make fresh coconut milk. Loud, messy and brilliant

dad-katie bday-21Fresh coconut water. Delicious.

dad-katie bday-29Little girl. Big coconuts.

dad-katie bday-18 Love when this lady smiles. Even though she hates her picture being taken.

dad-katie bday-17Good morning birthday boy.

dad-katie bday-26 Sharp objects overtaking the beach.

dad-katie bday-25 My new pet starfish. Sorry Bird.

dad-katie bday-24 dad-katie bday-23 Mad scientist studying foreign species.

dad-katie bday-22Lovers.

8 thoughts on “Family Vacation

  1. Nice story Jessie and lovely seeing you all together, special birthday for James. Such fun to follow you girls, your photography keeps getting better and better, keep it coming A fan in the mitten

    CATHY PEGG-OWENS 517-545-0996 Home 517-304-1504 Cell

  2. Glad you are having a wonderful trip! Employed at FMB and visits to Sanibel. It doesn’t get any better than that! I’m still checking to see if there is enough depth in the canal in front of my condo. If you cross the state via the Caloosahatchee – definitely stay at Rialto Harbor – just past the 1st lock. Sandy Telander, Cape Coral, FL

  3. Thanks for the wonderful family Christmas Vacation Album. Nice to see you Z’s together at De Youngs’ place. What a happy, sunny reunion!

  4. I dont remember how I came across your blog, but I read through the whole thing this afternoon. You guys are super awesome, and as someone who just finished college and immediately began working, I am super jealous of the two of you. I am now considering saving as much money as I can over the next few months and attempting something similar, be it hiking the AT, driving cross country or sailing the Great Loop (after learning to sail).

    Good luck on the rest of your adventure and have fun.

    Sent from a frozen Lake Champlain

  5. happy birthday to young Jimmy – I almost forgot that Jim’s bday is the first of all those boys born that special year. good to see all of the Z’s got together, 2 Alex’s and 2 J’s.

  6. Hey, belated happy birthday. I found your blog through browsing, and i got blown away by your pictures. Now I’m browsing through and finding more information on Sanibel Island. The beach look cool!

    I wonder if Travelrepublic has accommodation and airline flights to a place near Sanibel Island so I can visit for the summer.

  7. Hey ladies! You may not remember me, but I had met you both back in January at Moss marina. I was docked a few slips over for a day and 1/2 on a 30′ hunter. We had just sailed from Sarasota and I was getting engine work done. However, I was very impressed with you two! It was refreshing and good to find people my age also living aboard. I found your card while cleaning out my wallet and i’m so glad to hear that you guys are still at it! I’m trying to make my way to the other coast of Florida this year so I can travel to bahamas etc. But, everything in time. Hope you are well!–Danny Moroney

    1. Hey Danny! We remember you, and were also impressed. To bad we didn’t get to share more stories while you were there. The Bahamas are a must! We had an amazing experience, got our asses kicked, and learned a lot. We plan to return to the Bahamas again this winter, so if you are thinking the same… we should absolutely meet up. Great to hear from you, and I hope boat life is treating you well : ) keep in touch.

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