As I have previously stated, our lives changed over night when we got jobs. So quickly, my mind is baffled by the fact it is already mid february. We should be in the Bahamas by now right? Like the rest of our Looper friends. But unlike the rest of our Looper friends, we did not leave for this trip with enough money to exit the country un-employed.  With goals of saving money, and better outfitting Louise, Katie and I are right on track.

So here we are, at a halt. Somewhere where we don’t need a heater at night, and somewhere we can prepare for further travels. The list is endless, and I must say we have barely gotten started. Several items we are in search of unfortunately fall under the famous boating quote “Bring out another $1000”

  • Bimini – Not having shade and being exposed to harsh elements day after day was a struggle. Sunscreen can only help so much. Thank you SunBum for that help.
  • Dinghy – Our dinghy (aka Milkdud) is very old. It is an Avon from the 70’s that has taken the “great loop” twice already. It is a story in itself that will be told at a later date. It is important to have a reliable dinghy while cruising the Bahamas. Your dinghy is your best friend.
  • Solar panels – Louise lacks power. It is not an issue while plugged in at dock, or while running the engine for hours. This will become an issue when we actually become sailors, and not motor-boaters.
  • GO-PRO – yes. Thats right, we take awful video. I know everyone who watches our videos are trying not to get motion sick while looking at the computer. A waterproof, stability controlled camera, could help out you and me both

Anyways, those are some things at the top of the never ending list. Things we can live without, but things that would make life better and a little more fun. New navigation equipment, an autopilot, spinnaker, mainsail, cushions, zinc anodes, 12 volt fridge, and working fuel/temperature gauge would be great to. One day…

6 thoughts on “The never ending list

  1. Hi–learned about your journey on ExPo…very inspirational! I thought I’d share my strategy for low-cost solar. On my old pop-up camper, I use one of the Chinese panels from Ebay and a $15 charge controller. I just use a single, 10W panel but you’d likely want more, as it’s your full-time home. Just do an Ebay search for “20W solar” or “40W solar”, etc. I saw one 20W panel for around $46 + shipping, or you can bid on the lower-priced ones. I just used some swing set swing brackets to mount the panel on the roof. Good luck! Eric in CO

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