Look at what I received in my email today!photoWhat a talented sister I have. I know this probably only took her about 30 minutes… at least she has a career to fall back on when she is done being a mad scientist working for nasa. Thanks Alex, you are amazing.

6 thoughts on “Talented sister of mine

  1. I hope you guys are having a merry time. Connie and I are doing some serious nesting here at the ranch. Moving stuff, painting, hanging pics, changing appliances, making our new spot. A new phase after six homes, two kids, and forty years of nuptial bliss.

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    1. FELIX! I am so happy for you guys! Can’t wait to see the new nest… katie and I are driving back to MI at the end of march to return her car… hope to see you and Connie, fill you in on our stories and hear yours.

  2. Jessie – I thought it was you that was the one that does the sketches? like that way cool one of Louise that was at the condo in Grand Haven..was that Alex who did that, not you?? guess I need to commission her for my sketch of Dackel??

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