snookbight-8Every single day I go to work. In need of saving money.  Getting people drunk and then cleaning up after them. Trying not to lose sight of what it is I am actually doing here.

Roller coaster of emotions range from being frustrated, annoyed, and stuck, to anxious, ambitious, inspired and free. Contradicting I know. Everyday differs.

Living on a boat comfortably tied to a dock is more challenging than the challenges brought while actually boating.

Starting to find my niche. My reason, and my purpose. Which is to document, photograph, write, and share my life with those who are for some reason interested. Most importantly to inspire.

Coffee, laptop, paper, camera, and guitar keep me going. Material items that consume me while not working.

I look forward to leaving this dock, leaving this country. The unknown, uncertainty, and ever changing scenery take up so much space in my mind there is little room for anything else.

For now I appreciate new friends, new company, hard work that pays well, fair weather, the safety of a marina, and time to prepare for what will come next.

Although I am impatient, there is no reason to be. For every minute I have spent here has been nothing but beneficial.snookbight-7 snookbight-3 snookbight

4 thoughts on “Thought train

  1. Well put sailor, and mission ‘inspiration’ accomplished. Reading about you girls living simply and loving life definitely helps keep me motivated to save up and do the same. The uncertainty of it all definitely puts a knot in my stomach but you guys seem to be doing just fine. Look forward to pulling up anchor soon and joining the nomad tribe 😉 .

  2. Hi,

    A mutual friend of ours, Katye M. from the UP suggested your blog to me. I just started my own and looks like we are on somewhat similar paths. Check my blog out at

    Love the photos and content BTW!


    1. WOOO!!!! amazing adventure you are planning, I don’t know if we would ever make it around the world, us two kooks? But if we decide to, maybe you can help us??? I will stay tuned, so great to hear from you.

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