mt baker-21I know yall are tired of reading about boating. And I was clearly in need of a little break from it as well. So with that in mind, I went to Seattle to visit my Mother for my 24th birthday. Not only did I go to Seattle, I went to the mystical, magical, troll-like woods of Mt Baker. I spent the day trying to keep up with some of my favorite people on the planet who happen to be professional snowboarders.  Out of bounds, in the silence of the lincoln log trees, I tumbled and summersaulted, as they gracefully leaped through foliage, and off cliffs. I neglected to bring my camera along, for I was not ready to brave the powder and terrain with my fragile best friend (Canon 40D) But here are some photos that will give you a taste of this very much needed side trip…mt baker-9mt baker-54 mt baker-52 mt baker-53 mt baker-51 mt baker-50 mt baker-48 mt baker-49 mt baker-46 mt baker-56

mt baker-45 mt baker-42 mt baker-43 mt baker-41 mt baker-39 mt baker-40 mt baker-38 mt baker-37 mt baker-35 mt baker-36 mt baker-34 mt baker-32 mt baker-33 mt baker-31 mt baker-30

mt baker-29 mt baker-28 mt baker-26 mt baker-27 mt baker-25 mt baker-23 mt baker-24  mt baker-20 mt baker-19 mt baker-18 mt baker-17 mt baker-16 mt baker-15 mt baker-14 mt baker-13

5 thoughts on “A little something related to nothing

  1. Damn! Phenomenal photos, Jes! Though I’ve said it numerous times in one form or another, you are CLEARLY living the LIFE! Ashley took me snowboarding for the first time this year and I got wrecked on the bunny hill! Though I graduated after about an hour, I was feeling for the next few days thereafter. Please continue doing everything most of us only dream as I know I will not be the first to say I truly live through your lens and words. Be sure to save all of this documentation for the day you decided to drink some tea and Jack while writing your book of adventures.

    And before I close this comment entry, I want to be sure to say hello to Katie as well! Hello, Katie!

      1. Really? That would great! Lets us know the specific days as soon as you do as I’m sure I can speak for Ashley when I say we can’t wait to hear the stories and see you in person.

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