shrimp fest-6Every year in Fort Myers Beach is the annual “Shrimp Fest” also known as “the best day of the year” for beach locals. A day where everyone and their grandmothers reunite to drink cocktails, enjoy the parade, art, music, local eats, and raise money for charities within the area. Tens of thousands of dollars donated, while tens of thousands of people line the streets and celebrate the finest shrimp that come from their back yard – the Gulf of Mexico.

I am not a huge festival person. I get overwhelmed. Which I did. But apparently parades make Katie cry? Thank god I didn’t miss that. What a great people watching event, and photo opportunity it provided for me. I was easily entertained, and happy to spend the day with local beach kids who kept me sane. Unfortunately I had to work that night, so drinking heavily was not in my plans. But sobriety allowed me to observe that much more. I also thank the drunks, for their help funding my adventure after serving them drinks all night long. Lets not forget to thank the “auto-gratuity” button on the computer system.

Enjoy.shrimp festshrimp fest-3 shrimp fest-2 shrimp fest-5 shrimp fest-4   shrimp fest-7 shrimp fest-9 shrimp fest-8shrimp fest-11 shrimp fest-10 shrimp fest-13 shrimp fest-12 shrimp fest-14 shrimp fest-15 shrimp fest-16 shrimp fest-18 shrimp fest-17 shrimp fest-19 shrimp fest-21 shrimp fest-20 shrimp fest-22 shrimp fest-24 shrimp fest-23 shrimp fest-25 shrimp fest-27 shrimp fest-26 shrimp fest-28 shrimp fest-30 shrimp fest-29 shrimp fest-31 shrimp fest-33 shrimp fest-32 shrimp fest-34 shrimp fest-35 shrimp fest-37 shrimp fest-36

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