Counting down the days. Quitting one of two jobs in need of time. Time to become sailors again. Time to for this unkept, lived in home to transform back into an ocean traveler. Ocean traveler? Yes. Funny to think we haven’t technically made it to the ocean yet. I like to call the Gulf of Mexico an ocean, all though I know it isn’t. Sure feels like it though. Same thing right?

Bimini frame installed. Shade for our sun damaged skin, eyes, and freckles on it’s way. Hairy, moldy, stinky cushions removed and professionally cleaned. Being able to breath again is truly lovely. New foam mattress for the bedroom being cut. No more stale cat urine lingering while we sleep. Louise’s undercarriage will be scrubbed by a diver. Bye bye algae, barnacles, and miscellaneous creatures we have accumulated while at dock. 75 watt solar panel on it’s way. Not to mention a date with some new Simrad electronics that will hopefully take us to Belize after plugging in a compass course.

We have some really exciting projects, and additions that are going to make life for Katie and I significantly more comfortable. Our time in Fort Myers is coming to an end. All though it will still be several weeks before we leave, it’s amazing how my attitude has changed knowing that this trip is about to begin again. I feel like a little kid. Terrified, thrilled, giddy. I am proud that we have followed through with our vague plan thus far. At this point the amount of time and money we have invested in Louise – there is no turning back. Here we go.  I will keep you posted on what we are working on, and our plan of action. Stay tuned.

6 thoughts on “GIT-ER-DONE

  1. Great page – it sounds like an awesome adventure, I’m definately jelous! The gulf isn’t an “ocean” but probably more dangerous. Because it’s relatively shallow, big winds build up waves more quickly that are steeper and closer together. However, you’ve got a great boat. Cal’s are famous for being strongly built. I actually did my instructor certification on a Cal 27 in 25 kts…boat was fine! I’ve got a Cal 40 which we’ve sailed across the gulf several times. At this point I’ve pretty much re-done the boat, DIY, so if you have any questions on how to do stuff….be glad to share my experience.

    Where are you headed next?


    1. The Gulf is a scary place…thanks to Louise our Cal 2-27 we have been able to handle whatever comes our way. I assure you Louise can handle more than we can. I will let you know if we come across questions, projects, and DYI projects, thank you!!

  2. Hi guys! Glad to hear you are preparing to move on to more adventures! Not sure if it will match up, but I plan to be on Isla Mujeres (off Mexico’s east coast near Cancun) from Monday March 25 to Tuesday April 9. If you’re coming by during that time, I’d AT LEAST buy you dinner! Just keep in touch via email.

  3. I’m eagerly looking forward to hearing about it all – project and adventures! Thanks for keeping us postted! Sandy T.

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