photoI have a sad story that must be told. For a while I thought I would be able to get away without sharing it, but at this point – she is such a huge part of our story that there is no way her absence would go unnoticed.

I am reluctant to inform you that Katie will no longer be traveling with us. She will stay in Michigan with family until I return to take care of her again. Small spaces, lack of laundry facilities, and pee in my bed has forced me to find her a temporary home. Crazy I know. I am kidding. I am actually talking about Bird. The kitty. The Cat. The lion. The white fur-ball you see in all my photos. The precious tub of lard who keeps you and I so entertained. Yes, that thing. We question her happiness, as I’m sure you all do as well. We have done everything we can to try and fix her peeing problem. After failing for nearly 7 months, we have decided that she will stay in Michigan with family until we return. Until I can house her like a normal mother. Until she is a big girl and figures out how to use the facilities correctly.

It makes me sad to even type this, because she is attacking my foot and crawling all over my laptop as we speak. So clueless, so clumsy. Attempting to eat my toe, while unknowingly being left behind. I am sorry Bird. This will be a huge relief for Katie and I while traveling the Bahamas. She pees at least twice a week in our bed, and trust me we have tried EVERYTHING to fix this. I don’t know if you have experienced cat urine lingering in a home… but just imagine that smell in a small, musky boat with stagnant air. On top of that, having no way of doing laundry. Bringing her home to our families has become the last resort, but we are hoping that she will be happier that way.

I will return to you one day Bird. This is not good bye. We will miss you all those hours you give us something to stare at, laugh at, and play with. Look at it this way, no longer will we travel with a blue eyed, sun blinded goof who would most likely lose her balance during heavy seas and become shark bait. See you when we see you.

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