theodore lovely-12For those of you who are not aware, Katie and I have had her vehicle in Florida the entire time we have been docked. Unfortunately the car can’t fit on the boat when we leave for the Bahamas. Cool for us, it meant we got to take a quick road trip to Michigan before we set sail.

While driving home, a pleasant encounter occurred in Nashville. A very good friend of ours Rob Armenti and his band Theodore Lovely are on tour aboard “Gloria Southwind” a traveling home, that felt awfully similar to our traveling home – only theirs happens to be on wheels and not in the water.  We had the pleasure of meeting them for lunch in Nashville where both of our road trips unknowingly decided to collide.

Several years ago, Rob helped me sing when I wanted to sing, and strum when I wanted to strum. He forced me to do open-mics with him in Lake Tahoe, and broke me away from only playing/singing to no one. If it were’t for him, none of you would have ever heard me belting christmas music, disney songs, or broadway on camera. These guys are uniquely talented musicians, songwriters, not to mention serious weirdos. I encourage you to discover their music and share it with everyone you know. You will not be disappointed.

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