photo-2It is always odd coming home after being away. Something I am very familiar with – for I have been coming and going for 6 years now. For some reason this time felt different. Maybe because this time I truly don’t know when I will see home again. Or because all of my belongings that I once cared for are accumulating dust in an attic, instead of being packed in the truck to come along.

Boxes of my things. So many things. Clothes, pictures, cd’s, shoes, guitars, boxes, books, jewelry, artwork, various nonsense I have collected over the years. All of these things I have learned to live without. To see it all makes me yearn for the day I live in a house again, but simultaneously I am relieved of all of life’s “clutter.”  I happily walked away with nothing but a duffle bag of fresh clothing.

A weekend in Michigan’s dry, antarctic-like air was a perfect way to wind down after three months of Fort Myers Beach hustle and bustle. Spending time with our families was a must, as neither one of us know when they will be seen again. Both Katie and I have always been the spontaneous, gypsy type, with very few plans. I’d like to think that my plan has always been to never have a plan. But never have I acted upon this motto so literally until now.

Friends and family have so many questions for us. Where are you going? When are you coming back? Do you have a route mapped out? Who are you traveling with? What about pirates? And the list goes on and on and on and on. I have no answers to your questions. They will be figured out and dealt with along the way. By not knowing, I save you and I answers that may turn out to be false. You see how this works? No one will be disappointed. Trust me, I am just as curious as you are about where this trip is going…and where it will end up.

After spending an afternoon flipping through my dad’s photo albums and journals of his trip to the Bahamas aboard “Desiree” his 37ft Pierson, my mind was at ease knowing that those two hooligans made it home alive. Photos of fresh barracuda, grouper, and conch shells. And as the pages turned… Fishing, playing music, running aground, rail in the water heeling, jumping off spreaders, spinnaker flying, sunshine, storms, friendly bohemians, and nude women?

One more week of work. Then those merely unbelievable albums will become our reality. The next phase of this adventure is so close I can taste it. I know you are all sick of Florida like we are. I know you are all curious, and maybe quite concerned for us… like we are. We have made so many mistakes, and will continue to make them. But how does one get experience without experiencing? As am I writing, Katie is to my left while sharing with me her chewed up food with a wide open mouth and stuck out tongue. Thank you for making my life interesting Katie girl.





2 thoughts on “See you later Home

  1. Wishing you both fair winds and following seas!! So happy to have met you (through Martha) and to be able to follow your adventures! Best wishes ❤ Love, Stephanie

  2. “A ship is safe in the harbor, but that is not what ships are built for…” I wish you ladies all kinds of good karma, love, laughter and adventure…there are many of us living vicariously through you….I hope our paths cross again someday….safe travels, not only on this adventure but through life…..Veronica from Harbor Point Yacht Club (just down river from Grafton where you stayed a few nights…I have a houseboat and a 28ft Ericson (Early Riser)….just a reminder as I know you have met so many people along the way….

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