IMG_7738Welp, this is what happens on your last day of work here on Fort Myers Beach. Your coworkers buy you a rose and then sneak up behind you and smash a pie into your face. Thanks guys!!! We are officially unemployed again. Back to living like the retired folk, except on an extremely tight budget. Very odd feeling. I can not say it is a comforting one. The bank account can only go one direction from here on out – down. All we can do is hope for best, and when we need money again, we will find work.

Waking up today knowing I no longer have a job was a huge realization that we are leaving again. On to the next step. Our goal of making it to the Bahamas is about to become real. Time to become boaters again. Today Louise is being hauled out, so a transducer can be mounted on her undercarriage. While trying to reverse out of our slip the contradicting wind and current made it very difficult, another awakening… “oh yea, I have to remember how to drive this thing” let alone sail it. Katie and I have become slightly uncoordinated during our time sitting in a marina, it will probably take us a little time to get back into the swing of things.

We will try to leave Fort Myers on Saturday. That is our goal at least. As of right now the weather forecast does not seem to agree with our goal. If it stays that way, then we will sit and patiently wait for mother nature to be nice. The rest of the week will be spent running errands, stocking up, and getting all the supplies we could possibly need if we end up stranded or broken down…

3 thoughts on “We retired. Again.

  1. If you are crossing the state via the Caloosahatchee I recommend you spend 1st night at Rialto Harbor – my all time favorite spot in Florida. Just past 1st lock west of Alva. You can find them on the internet.

  2. Happy retirement, again. Let us readers know how you like the Simrad instruments as you progress to other lands. Good luck on the crossing.

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