projects-10And the list goes on and on and on… last minute errands and projects in preparation for sailing a path less traveled. Each blue sticky note entails a list for every store that has done some damage to our savings account. Bass Pro, West Marine, Walmart, Home Depot, Trader Joe’s…. etc. Time to stock up. projects-18  Pretty self explanatory photo. A combination of self-defense and entertainment. projects-16 Can’t let this stuff roll around Louise…last thing we need is shattered glass. We poured our fine collection of liquors into plastic bottles.projects-17Not long from now… when that permanent marker wears off, we will be making mystery drinks.projects-15 Bahamas notes, secrets, tricks, advice… do’s and don’ts. For example – don’t ever leave for a big trip on a friday. Very bad luck.projects-14 Underneath my side of the living room (starboard side salon) Nets. Shackles. Hose clamps. Glue. Iso-pro alcohol. Propane. Polyurethane. Varnish. Paint. Nuts. Endless spare nonsense.projects-13 In case we forget. Ya know?projects-12 Junk drawer. Literally, it is all junk. Except for those extra zincs… and maybe the batteries.projects-11Louise’s engine parts storage. Where we house spare impellers, gaskets, alternator belts, fuel filters, oil filters, oil, pumps, etc…projects-19I understand this is a disturbing sight. This is underneath my bed. A bed full of black moId. Don’t worry, we have new cushions now, free of black mold. But I sure do sleep on a lot of food. No wonder I have packed on a couple pounds. I eat in my sleep. projects-6Stainless steel bimini frame getting installed…projects-9 BIMINI!!!! The shade has been amazing… it feels like we have an entire new living room outside. Reggie especially benefits from the shade, he loves it. Honestly, I don’t know how we have lasted this long without it. projects-7 Have you ever played the game “Cards Against Humanity?” You should all go out and purchase it today if you have not. Funniest card game I have played in a coons age.projects-8 A little reminder of why we left Bird behind… but gosh I miss her.  projects-4 Reggie… curiously watches Katie try to scrub the bottom of the boat, trying to figure out how he is going to benefit from this project.projects-3 If only I could have captured a better picture of what has been growing underneath Louise. It has become a place for fish to feast at night, if that says anything at all. You can literally hear little sucker fish eating off the bottom of the boat when you are trying to sleep.projects-2 What is that? That WAS our transducer, which somehow got us all the way from Michigan to Florida. I tried to salvage it, but it’s use is no longer. New transducer on the way! Thank you salt water for this hot mess.projects-5It was kind of sentimental to give this transducer up. I mean, look at it. It was mounted on a random pole, duct taped off the stern of our boat for 6 months, and worked just fine! See you later, we are moving up in the world.

As you can see, we have been busy. Doin’ work. Gettin’ it done. I have been having night mares all week…  am I nervous? I thought I was supposed to be brave. Guess not. Scared like the rest of y’all. I can say that now (y’all) cause I currently live in Florida.

3 thoughts on “The time has come. To prepare.

  1. Since I am originally from Arkansas, I might point out that y’all is not a sailing vessel with the mizzen mast stepped a aft of the rudder post.

    Also, I wouldn’t stock up on alcohol because it is much cheaper in the Bahamas.

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