photo-20Having the boat out of the water made both of us rather uneasy. Seeing the bottom caked with barnacles, algea, and mollusks made me re-think my love for Louise, for they were so firmly attached you would think they loved her more. Unfortunately for them, a power washer ripped them from their new found home. Sorry little girls & guys. I worked my ass off re-sanding and re-painting the bottom of Louise last summer, and was happy to see them go.  Plus, if I were Louise, I certainly would’t want anything permanently stuck to/living on my undercarriage.

You always find out things you don’t want to hear when you go to the doctor. Same goes for when you pull your boat out of the water. A scary appointment. Little did we know our rudder was rusted and cracked on both sides. The fiberglass surgeon fixed her up in no time with a reasonable bill to pay. Originally we pulled Louise with the sole purpose of having the new Simrad transducer installed, but along the way we discovered some must-fix issues. So thank goodness we pulled her out and got to give her a thorough inspection. ALSO thanks a ton to Diversified Yacht Services. Everyone was extremely friendly and efficient, I would send anyone their way. Louise was back in the water on schedule. Where she belongs. It’s go time.


  1. I found your blog after seeing your pics on Instagram (from thiswildidea). I was on vacation in Pensacola this weekend so I read the whole blog like a book in one sitting. I’m so excited for the next part of your journey and inspired by your courage. Safe sailing!

    1. It was crazy how many hits out blog got after Theron did a story on Katie. Thanks Theron! I think it will be fun for me one day to read this thing like a book in one sitting… I have already forgotten most of whats been written. Thank you for taking the time, and enjoying it, hopefully the best is yet to come.

  2. Congratulations on getting back underway! After three months in the Bahamas, much of it with Jo and Mark (Truant) we are back in Florida and making our way north. Have a fabulous time!

    Ron & Lynne
    Northern Spirit northernspirit

    1. Ron and Lynne! We envy your three months in the Bahamas for our time there will be cut short because of how long we worked in fort myers for. But we are so excited to get there and explore… we havnt met any buddy boats like the big crew we had at Turner Marine. Oh the days… happy sailing… please keep in touch !!!

  3. We are soooo spoiled with the relatively pristine waters of the Great Lakes. AND so glad your potential troubles were found now. We will schedule our bow thruster work at Diversified–thanks for the info. Wonder what our hull looks like after only 2 mos in salt water! Happy sailing. Bonnie, Bill and the Elissa II

    1. Hey you two!! catch up with us already! Scary thing to see the bottom of the boat I must say, hopefully you have better luck than us. Can’t wait to have a happy hour with you again one day. keep us posted. lovelovelove.

  4. Time to go? Or Gone. make sure you visit the Abacos, kind and friendly people. In Marsh Harbour you will find MiMi at the “Buck a Book” a great lady and a wealth of knowledge. good luck and fair winds. Capt Doug

  5. Kind of anxious for you all as you take your adventure to the next level. Having Louise inspected, repaired, and upgraded with new Nav gear has to give you a lot of confidence and peace of mind as you venture beyond the Intercoastal. Looking forward to the adventures that unfold, and safe travels!

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