coconut grove-19Nearly a week went by as we waited for our weather window to cross the gulf stream. Imagine trying to cross the Mississippi river for 35 miles, but one that is out in the ocean. A current that averages 3.5 mph carries you north while you are trying to get to a tiny island due east. The current must be corrected for, and if the wind is not right you will find yourself in a place one would never want to experience. SO, patiently we have waited. While waiting, here are some photos of how we’ve passed time…coconut grove-35All the stickers we have been hoarding over the months have found a home. Darbie is now tastefully decorated.coconut grove-38Louise is pretty cool…even Reggie thinks sococonut grove-36   Where would we be in this world without SIMRADcoconut grove-39coconut grove-33 Milkdud (our inflatable dinghy) or Darbie (the kayak) in the future possibly?coconut grove-34   coconut grove-31 This is a close up of a little plane that was sitting in a parking lot, it had been burnt to pieces.coconut grove-29 Welcome to the funny farm.coconut grove-27 Milkdud wasn’t sexy enough for this dock. We found some mangroves to tie her to instead. coconut grove-28 coconut grove-26 coconut grove-24 coconut grove-25 SOY DE VEGA BAJA!!!!coconut grove-23 Katie and our friend Brett, playing on workout equipment in the parkcoconut grove-22 Hmmm…. we came across an Indian Festival. Got educated.coconut grove-21  coconut grove-20 coconut grove-17 coconut grove-18 Little girl wants to take Reggie for ride. Reggie wants to eat little girl.coconut grove-16 coconut grove-14 coconut grove-15 coconut grove-13 coconut grove-12 Anchorage we enjoyed for 3 nights. Right outside the Dinner Key Marina, and a just row away from land.coconut grove-10 coconut grove-11 coconut grove-9 coconut grove-7 coconut grove-8 My comfy place in the morning. Where the coffee is sipped and the book is read.coconut grove-6 “Home Sailor”. The sequel to the book “Dove” by Robin Lee Graham, which was the first book Katie and I read to get inspired. The sequel is about Robin’s life post his 5 year circumnavigation. He and his wife move to Montana to homestead. Montana. That’s where I will go. coconut grove-4 Little surfer boy?coconut grove-5 A wind scoop that my dad gave us. It kind of worked. It’s old. But it looks cool.coconut grove-3 AKA jet fuelcoconut grove-2 Sooo it’s kind of fun to stop traffic.coconut grove

2 thoughts on “Passing the time…

  1. Aimee and I enjoyed meeting you at Benihanas in Ft L. That was quite an entertaining dinner… Thanks for the sake. We hope that the rest of your journey is safe and fun.

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