crossing over-2 Leaving Coconut Grove, headed over to “No Name Harbor” which is an infamous anchorage for waiting out weather to cross to the Bahamas. crossing over-3 Mom, I gotta pee crossing over-4  crossing over-5 crossing over-6 crossing over-7 No Name anchorage. Two of these sailboats left at 3am to cross to Bimini, we left at 5:30am, and another left at 7. So all though we left alone, there were other sailors in existence. crossing over-8 crossing over-9 Raising the quarantine flag. For those of you who are unfamiliar, this yellow flag signifies you have yet to check-in to the country, and still have to go through customs. Once you are cleared through, you then raise a Bahamas courtesy flag.crossing over-10 crossing over-11 and all of the sudden the trolling rod was horizontal and we had something on the hookcrossing over-12 Black fun tuna!!!!crossing over-13 A shark or something like it – bit off it’s tail while we were reeling it in. This was great, because with out a tail it barely put up a fight, bleed itself out, making the process much more pleasant.crossing over-14 Thank you Katie for spending your money on all this fishing stuff…crossing over-15 crossing over-16 Clavo, aboard a boat we traveled closely to Bimini with, helped us clean up the tuna. He was very excited the girls brought supper and was happy to show us how to cook this thing up. crossing over-17 All the tuna scraps were fed to a family of nurse sharks. crossing over-18 crossing over-19 crossing over-20 crossing over-21 crossing over-22 crossing over-23 Reggie was freaking out as the sharks were swimming in circles around the tuna scraps, he was very close to jumping in the water with them.crossing over-24 Okay I have been told that out of respect for the fish, you eat it’s eyeball? Something I have done in the past, but it was a very small eyeball. At this moment I was so happy that I volunteered myself to do so. After cutting it’s eyeball out, the juices were overflowing, and it  it’s size was that of a cow. I couldn’t do it.crossing over-25 crossing over-26 crossing over-27 crossing over-28 Meet Isabelle. Pretty kitty aboard “Fille De Joi” friends we made who are cruising to the B.V.I’scrossing over-29 crossing over-30 crossing over-31 Bohemian courtesy flag.crossing over-32 Bimini Sands Marinacrossing over-33 crossing over-34 crossing over-35 crossing over-36

6 thoughts on “TUNA TUNA TUNA

  1. Hey girls, we had leftover tuna last night and it was delicious. We are at Warderick Cay and headed to Staneil Key for a few days, hope our paths cross again.
    Fille de Joie Crew

    1. Hi guys! I am so happy our tuna went in your bellies, I hope it was as delicious at the first. We are far far behind you, had some engine issues back here at Chub Cay. We pretty much live here now hahaha. Can’t wait to have a cold one again, and hear all about your travels.

  2. You’re going to twist your line all up reeling in a tuna that way!
    You gals are awesome. I’m loving every minute of your adventure.

  3. Jessie & Katie,

    Hello! I often find myself having to remember to close my jaw, but not until the drool from doing so makes its new home on the flats of my mac. I’ve since learned to carry napkins when I foresee any opportunity to read your blog as the inevitable always presents. Once again, I LOVE the visuals of this story regardless of the little justice they do from your live POV. It’s wonderful to hear that the two of you cleared the crossing in one piece w/ the unexpected addition of a TUNA! WHAT!? That’s just too damn cool. I would have been one of the first to clean my plate! Anyway, I am sure you have other laborious things to do aside from reading these comments. With that said, I hope to hear from you soon! Also, if you ever find a place where you can receive any sort of mail, please let me know! Lastly, as I sit in MADCAP Coffee Co. writing you this message, I instantly thought of the tar you encouraged me to try @ Marie Catribs. Gross. haha!


    1. YOU ARE MARRYING MY BEST FRIEND!!!! WOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!! and you might be one of the kindest humans on this planet. Receiving your comments is just as exciting as you getting blog updates. See you soon my friend.

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