alicetown-2Meet Ashley Saunders. A local to the island of Bimini, and a man of many talents. Stone mason by trade, environmentalist and artist by nature. This man created something extraordinary out of items collected from the beach in his back yard. A piece of art that also happens to be a home, strong enough to withstand over 10 hurricanes. His home “The Dolphin House” has been a lifelong project that will keep him busy for the rest of time. He gives tours to visitors who stumble upon the beaten path it has been built on. For a small fee of 2 dollars, we got the full museum tour. Ashley was a natural model, and patiently looked into the eye of my camera. He seemed to know exactly what I was trying to capture – the stories you can unravel purely from his face.alicetown


alicetown-3 alicetown-4 alicetown-5 alicetown-7  alicetown-8 alicetown-9


alicetown-12 alicetown-16 alicetown-15 alicetown-14 alicetown-13

alicetown-17 alicetown-24 This is Ashley Saunders brother, Ansil. Ansil lives on the other side of the island and builds wooden boats. We spent an hour learning about his life and passion to preach. He holds the world record for catching the biggest bone-fish, and seems to plays a significant role on the Island of North Bimini.alicetown-23 alicetown-22 alicetown-21 alicetown-20 alicetown-19 alicetown-18

alicetown-25 alicetown-26

5 thoughts on “Alicetown

  1. There is a gentleman that sells cigars at a local shop who also is a bone fishing guide. He is full of great stories of Martin Luther King’s visits to Bimini.

  2. Great video of the fish, hope you landed it! When you catch those you have a better chance of keeping them on the hook if you go to idle or head to wind if sailing.

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