Awful weather kept us anxiously waiting in the spectacular city of Nassau. If any of you have been to Nassau (not on a cruise ship or to Atlantis) you understand my sarcasm while using the word “spectacular.” Nassau is like Detroit with Palm trees. Compton with crystal clear water. Third world country, crime ridden, trashed with plastic yet encompassed by slivers of beauty. If you ask me, the place doesn’t make any sense. In other words, the worst island on the planet for two 24 year old chicks to be pinned.

This time, it was not a mechanical issue forcing us to sit in one place for another 7 days. It was the wind and rain. An entire week calling for 25 knots out of the east, and %100 chance of thunderstorms. Yay.  Who would have thunk that the weather man would be right? You know what one would also assume? That boats are waterproof. Well, they aren’t. It rained, and rained, and rained some more. It came down so constant and relentless. After several days I was convinced the entire island of New Provence would detach itself from the earth and become adrift…by morning we would wake up next door to Africa or something. But every day, despite the fierce rain we seemed to maintain the same location on planet earth.

Water came in from every window. Every crack. I swear we could have been a roofless vessel and it wouldn’t have changed a thing. Wet toilet paper. Soggy bread. Rusty razor. Moist sheets. Damp clothes. Stale air. Barely a dry towel to to wipe down with before getting into bed at night. Our bathroom turned into a bathtub – stepping into a puddle of water when waking up. Living room turned into a sauna. Dry storage turned to wet storage. Louise, how are you still even floating? Mom, I want a hotel. Dad, you are a crazy man for sending me here. Katie and Reggie, I love you both very much but right now… you are two very wet bodies that are always in my way.

We had been warned more than once not to go walking around Nassau. Always lock everything up, carry pepper spray, don’t go anywhere at night, stay in a marina, anchoring is not safe. We did all of those things, leaving us with very little entertainment. Annoyed at the fact we just dropped 2000 dollars on a new transmission, paying 56 dollars a night to stay in a marina did not help lighten the mood. I think Katie read like 8 books in a week. I spent endless hours at Starbucks, drinking too much coffee, sitting in the internet trying to stay dry. One day, we went crazy and ran the stairs of the motel at Nassau Harbor Club. We ran in circles, swam laps in the pool with our snorkels, burnt off energy that had been building for days. Wow it felt good.

Earlier in the week, while pulling into Nassau, a beautiful Bristol 32 was following shortly behind us. A young couple, who looked to be our age sat in the cockpit. We caught one another with binoculars, checking out each others crew. Instant Friends. After pulling into the same marina, we were promptly communicating and learning each others story. Nick and Hillary, aboard their boat “Tara” are an exceptionally attractive couple, with personalities, budgets, and plans, nearly identical to our own. If it weren’t for Nick and Hill, docked next to us during this not-so-lovely week, experiencing the same things, if it weren’t for them whining and then cracking up with us, our time in Nassau might not have been as feasible. They kept us sane. They kept us laughing. Nick and Hill were our new travel buddies. If it weren’t for this god forsaken weather, we might not have have ever connected with them.

All of my recent entries, being pessemistic and possibly cynical, are written with intentions for soon to be enchanting and unreal stories. The stories you would expect to hear from me, or anyone sailing the Bahamas for that matter. Swimming with the sharks, catching a marlin, snorking sunken ships n’  stuff. They just haven’t happened in a while. Knowing that they will in time, I am almost having more fun sharing with you our moments of doubt. Don’t fret, in no time you will be bored again reading stories of bliss.

9 thoughts on “NASSAU

  1. Sounds rough Jessie! 😦 but it’s times like these that will make the good days that much sweeter. Ramble on ya’ll.

    PS: I’m quitting my job to climb/surf my way thru Australia in a camper-van (since I cannot yet afford a boat 😉 ) I’ll take pictures; thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I enjoy reading. I’m glad you still have a sense of optimism and humor. Things will get better. Be safe and have fun and laugh when you can!

  3. I remember being stuck in Nassau. It is exactly as you describe it. The iguanas at Allen’s Cays and the beauty of Norman’s Cay will make enduring Nassau worthwhile. If the water in Nassau still tastes like tadpoles, there used to be a fabulous cistern under the porch of the old resort on Norman’s Cay. The drug smugglers took it over during the 1980s until the Bahamian Defense FOrce shot the place up. You’ll find the remains of an old airplane that ditched in the harbor there, too. Back in 1989 when I was there, the fuselage was intact. Now everything above water is gone but it should still make for an interesting shallow dive. The Exumas are rugged country with swift tidal currents, but they’re beautiful. I can’t wait to see your pics and hear your stories as you head south. Wind in your sails.

  4. I have been reading your blog for a while and find it thoroughly entertaining. Your tales almost want to make this landlubber look at buying a boat! I look forward to seeing where your journey takes you, Katie and Reggie.

  5. Ladies… Oh my… one thing about a boat… you can’t escape the weather… But you can chose where to face her. Nassau sounds positively awful. Good that you hooked up for many reasons. Sailing buddies is a good idea. Good came amidst all that horrible rain. We’re getting drenched here in the NE. My dink was completely topped up (with water) when I arrived last weekend. Expecting the same again.

    You need to be thinking about hurricanes and getting out their path now. Can you do a passage south to the ABCs or Venezuela? Maybe Trinidad?

    Be careful… love the blog as always.

  6. Hey, our boat is in a picture from Allen’s Cay! Glad we finally got to talk at Staniel Cay Yacht Club. Heading to Black Point Settlement today. We might anchor off a private beach on the southeast side of town, around the point.
    Mike and Rosie and Holly
    Swing Set

  7. Jessie – well can you imagine how much crazier your grandparents and Bill & Dort Hazard were for allowing two 18 year old boys take off for the same adventure? and those two had practically zero money and only SPAM and Dinty Moore beef stew. I think when they finally returned home they were very skinny…

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