Lord of the Flies-2 I don’t know where to start. My internet is painfully slow and my laptop is about to die. I just wanted to share with you a couple of photos before I no longer have the opportunity. Since Nassau, the stories I have to tell and photos I have to share are endless. But you are going to have to be patient. It might not be until I return to the states that you can read and see them. Let’s just say the not-so-lovely month it took us to get past Nassau was rectified the moment we arrived at the northern tip of the Exumas. Which I knew would happen, it just took some serious patience to get there.

Life changers: Meeting Nick and Hillary. Peaceful anchorages. Peculiar wildlife. Secluded islands. Warm Budweiser that tastes phenomenal just because of your surroundings. Phosphorescence created by movement on a dark night. Stars bright enough to keep you awake. Salty cool-aid colored water to bathe in, keeping you cool in the hot afternoon sun. Taking the girls out and tanning that baby skin while sailing alone. Iguanas that want to eat you. Nurse sharks that want to play with you. Secret places you feel like the only person to ever set foot on. What else do I need to say?

I have so much I want to type, and so much venting to do. Good and bad. But now I am only at six percent battery life. I am just going to have to wait. And so are you. Summary – We are doing very well. Somedays better than others. But in the big picture, there is no where else on this planet I would rather be. Which is funny, because not that long ago I’m pretty sure I wanted to be anywhere but on Louise. Anywhere but stuck on a wet boat. Anywhere safe, dry, and comfortable. Things change. I promise I’m not bi-polar.

Lord of the Flies-3 Lord of the Flies-4 Lord of the Flies-5 Lord of the Flies-8 Lord of the Flies-9 Lord of the Flies-10 Lord of the Flies-11 Lord of the Flies-12 Lord of the Flies-13 Lord of the Flies-14 Lord of the Flies-15

9 thoughts on “Where do I start?

  1. Glad to hear that you escaped Nassau. Sounds like you enjoyed Allens Cay and Normans. You are not bipolar, you are a cruiser. It is like a roller coaster, you can’t get really high unless you go low also. Enjoy the ride. If the Exumas become too primitive for your taste you can head north to the Abacos. There are alot more services there and some good anchorages. Keep an eye out for hurricanes. Be safe.
    The crew on Copesetic

  2. Great to see another posting. Enjoy the Exumas, a paradise of sparkling waters, great anchorages and when you get back to the reality of muddy, murky, alligator infested waters of the ICW you will be happy you have the Exumas in your memories. Hi to your cruising buddies. Play a song or two for them. B&M

  3. They only get better as you head on south. Take your time on the way down and spend some time fishing in the sound. Thats where we started to bring them in. Lots of love from the whole crew on the Fille De Joie!!!!

  4. You two are asking the right questions — can’t wait to hear how you work out the answers! The featured boat did not look like Louise — did the mechanicreplace more than the transmission??
    Uncle Jon

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